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Introductions: Anglo-Saxons (00:45)


This episode features highlights from archaeological digs in Britain. Excavations provide insight on the Anglo-Saxon culture.

Dark Ages (06:42)

Raiders begin plundering Britannia after Roman withdrawal. Artifacts recovered from 5th century graves in Dorchester reveal early evidence of Anglo-Saxons. Archaeologists look for clues that provide insight on overlapping cultures.

Northumberland (05:13)

The Venerable Bede chronicles English history, providing insight on the Anglo-Saxons. Archaeologists unearth a timber hall at Bamburgh, their seat of power. Excavations in rural areas reveal an early Anglo-Saxon village and artifacts.

Kent, England (03:40)

Bede claims the Anglo-Saxon takeover began with Hengist and Horsa; Germanic tribes settle in the area in the 5th century. A road project in Thanet prompts archaeologists to systematically excavate the area.

The Meads Artifacts (08:05)

Dana Goodburn-Brown leads a team of volunteers in processing 2,500 finds from the burial site. The objects provide evidence of Anglo-Saxon Kent.

Anglo-Saxon Nunnery (07:17)

Christianity slowly spreads across Britain; monastic communities reintroduce wide-spread literacy. Excavations reveal the foundations of the nunnery and various artifacts, including a cross-shaped gold ring.

Bamburgh Castle (05:59)

King Oswald of Northumbria calls for a missionary to convert his people to Christianity. Archaeologists excavate a burial ground near the castle. Experts analyze skeletal remains, gaining insight on the community.

Magdeburg Cathedral (04:27)

King Athelstan seeks to create alliances and marries his sisters to European royalty; Edith's marriage to King Otto is a love affair. Experts examine the skeletal remains found it what is said to be Edith's sarcophagus.

Bamburgh Analysis (05:17)

A skeleton found in the burial grounds near the castle reveals evidence of a violent death. Anglo-Saxon swords symbolize their power. Dr. Alice Roberts reflects on discoveries.

Credits: Anglo-Saxons (00:45)

Credits: Anglo-Saxons

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The Anglo-Saxons – they divided our land and heralded the arrival of the Dark Ages. But were they really just barbarians? We visit the royal seat of power at Bamburgh, Northumbria to find out, and discover that Dark Age skeletons tell tales of violent death, but also of tenderness.

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