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Introduction: The Romans (01:22)


This episode features highlights from archaeological digs in Britain. Excavations include a Roman burial, a hoard of coins, evidence of murdered babies, and more.

Vindolanda (05:25)

Excavations have been occurring at the Roman site for over 40 years; nine forts have been built on top of each other. Archaeologists excavate the civilian section outside the garrison and discover a cobbled roadway and various artifacts.

Hambleton, England (04:39)

Over 100 years ago, Miss Glassbrook discovers pottery pieces and contacts a local archaeologist. Alfred Cocks excavates the area and finds the foundations of a Roman villa and many artifacts; he names the location Yewden.

Infant Skeletal Remains (06:07)

Jill Eyers uses modern techniques to examine artifacts from Yewden. She and Brett Thorn reflect on Cooks' brief accounting of 97 infant burials and finding the bones in cigarette boxes. Analysis indicates the babies all died around birth, suggesting infanticide.

Kent: Gateway to Britain (07:05)

The Romans arrive in 43 AD. Archaeologists have a brief opportunity to excavate and record their findings before a road project continues. In Zone Six, they discover evidence of Iron Age roundhouses, Belgic pottery, and other artifacts.

Dorset, England (06:43)

Archaeologists excavate a late Iron Age farmstead and discover cylindrical pits, various artifacts, and skeletal remains. Evidence reveals trade with the Romans; grain is a high commodity.

Somerset, England (08:47)

Metal detectorist Dave Crisp discovers a hoard of Roman coins. Experts preserve and sort the coins by emperor. Sam Moorhead believes the Frome Hoard was part of an ancient ritual and never intended to be recovered.

Saint Peter Port, Guernsey (03:47)

Richard Keen recalls locating the remains of a Roman trading vessel. Jason Monaghan explains the sinking of the ship. Conservation efforts save the remains for reconstruction.

Roman Occupiers (04:47)

Archaeologists continue to excavate Vindolanda. They discover a temple dedicated to Jupiter Dolichenus inside the fort. The Roman army leaves Britain in 410 AD. Dr. Alice Roberts reflects on discoveries.

Credits: The Romans (00:46)

Credits: The Romans

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The Romans

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In this episode, finds include the mystery of 97 babies murdered by the Thames, a fabulous Roman coin hoard found in Somerset and a man buried on a layer of dead animals.

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