Segments in this Video

Introduction: Extreme Realities (02:26)


This segment orients viewers to the topic of climate change and its impact on weather patterns and national security.

Taliban Control (05:57)

Christian Parenti reports from conflict zones. The Taliban capture and kill his colleague Ajmal Naqshbandi. Parenti questions Taliban support and learns how they exploit extreme weather conditions in Afghanistan. (Credits)

Unexpected Consequences (03:53)

Ongoing drought in the Turkana region creates a crisis and cattle raids occur. Experts discuss the effects of extreme weather events in poorer countries and why wealthier nations need to get involved.

Bangladesh Extreme Weather (05:56)

The country's population, poverty, and political rivalries are extreme. The lowlands, ideal for rice cultivation, experience seasonal flooding. Rising sea levels could create 30 million refugees. India is building a 2,500 mile barbed-wire border wall.

Pakistan Extreme Weather (05:02)

In 2010, the jet stream splits in two, causing extreme monsoon rains and leaving 20 million Pakistanis homeless. The Taliban uses the crisis to build good will; relief efforts become a battle with the U.S. military.

Russia Extreme Weather (08:18)

The jet stream split in 2010 causes drought, heat waves, and wildfires. Crops wither, resulting in a 40% grain loss, and Vladimir Putin bans exports. Grain shortages, rising prices, and increasing unemployment sparks the Arab Spring.

The Next Big Gold Rush (05:16)

The Arctic displays the earliest effects of global warming. Russia seeks to access oil reserves above the Arctic Circle. Every arctic nation has increased its military presence in the region.

Above the Arctic Circle (05:16)

Greenpeace activists attempt to place a protest banner on the drilling platform Prirazlomnaya. Environmentalists fear an ecological disaster. Experts reflect on greenhouse gases and finding solutions.

Glimmers of Hope (06:22)

Robert Freling discusses bringing solar-powered drip irrigation to villages in Benin. Energy technology can provide security. Engineers work to design structures that can withstand extreme weather.

Epilogue and Final Thoughts (04:20)

The Taliban relies on opium financing and builds rapport with citizens. Experts reflect on heat waves, political instability, violence, water access, and fossil fuels. Extreme weather is becoming normal and climate change is a major foreign policy issue.

Credits: Extreme Realities (01:12)

Credits: Extreme Realities

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Narrated by Matt Damon, Extreme Realities shows us how unprecedented extreme weather events spark and aggravate political unrest and are posing new threats to global security. With exclusive access to international scientific experts and politicians, this film presents a vital new perspective on the untold effects of climate change.

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