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Climate Change and Endangered Species (04:51)


The gorilla exhibit is one of the Bronx Zoo's most popular attractions. Approximately 25% of the world's species are endangered or threatened. (Credits)

The Sixth Extinction... (04:48)

Human activity could cause the next extinction. China has overtaken the United States in the consumption of basic resources. Herders require massive amounts of feed grain made from soybeans to sustain their cattle.

Turf Wars... (18:05)

Each year, fire destroys millions of acres of forest. If the Amazon is lost, one-fifth of all wildlife species will go extinct. Human activity has put the ecosystem in jeopardy. Activists who hope to restore forests in South Africa, Lake Baringo, and the Everglades.

The Price of Poverty... (07:41)

Each year, millions of animals are killed for food or trophies, and caged to be sold as exotic pets. Empty forest syndrome occurs when people hunt wildlife out of its trees. In Zambia, 16,000 farmers obtain economic incentives and agree to stop poaching.

A Global Meltdown... (07:21)

There are only 27 glaciers in Montana's Glacier National Park. Scientists expect that Mount Kilimanjaro's glaciers will be gone by 2020. In the Arctic Circle, ice forms much later in the year and breaks up much earlier, threatening polar bears.

Escaping Extinction... (08:45)

At the Rocky Mountain Front, grizzly bears roam free. The Blackfoot Challenge constructs a Jack link fence to aid migration and keep cattle safe. In the Bob Marshall Wilderness, James Jonkel monitors activity using tracking devices and radio collars.

Conclusion: The State of the Planet's Wildlife... (03:09)

Humans need to protect wildlife or massive extinctions will occur. There needs to be a collaborative effort to strike a balance between what we want and what species populations can endure.

Credits: The State of the Planet's Wildlife (00:45)

Credits: The State of the Planet's Wildlife

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The State of the Planet's Wildlife

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The State of the Planet’s Wildlife visits the high country of Montana, Florida’s Everglades, South Africa, Singapore, Bangladesh, Kenya, Zambia, the Amazon, the Arctic, and China. Specific case studies explore the loss of wildlife as a result of climate change, population and poverty pressures, poaching, the international bush-meat trade, and the loss of wildlife corridors. From severe drought to melting ice, from trophy hunting to loss of habitat through overdevelopment, The State of the Planet’s Wildlife makes a comprehensive examination of the many threats faced by animals today. There are also stories of hope and success, from ranchers learning to restore marshes and bird sanctuaries on their rangeland, to communities who have given up poaching to become stewards of the land, to diverse groups of citizens in Montana who came together to create wildlife corridors to protect endangered species such as the grizzly bear.

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