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Plastic Waste (10:03)


Vendors sell food models on Kappabashi Street; plastic is hygienic but poses a threat to our environment. The average Japanese citizen uses 300 plastic bags per year; the Mayor of Kamioka announces a zero single-use plastics waste declaration. Kaneka creates plastics that are biodegradable in seawater.

Recycling Plant (06:04)

Polyethylene terephthalate bottles are transformed into pellets to make new plastic items. Kenji Fuma runs Neural, Inc. The Japanese need to rethink the concept of "omotenashi" and stop wrapping everything in plastic. Learn about the latest FtoP Direct Recycle Technology.

Recycling Electronics (03:24)

Japan introduces the bullet train at the Olympic Games. Workers at a plant extract metals from donated electronics to create bronze, silver, and gold medals for Olympic winners.

Recycling Clothing (02:59)

Fast fashion stimulates the economy but causes carbon emissions. Jeplan promotes a circular economy by breaking down polyester from donated clothes to manufacture t-shirts.

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A cadre of academics, corporations, and others are taking on the Japanese plastic addiction, developing eco-friendly alternatives, improving current recycling technology, and more.

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