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"The Camera Kids" (06:03)


This video features individuals who use photography to create change. After the Rwandan genocide, Rosamond Carr welcomes Bizimana Jean, Musso Uwitonze, and Gadi Habumugisha to the Imbabazi orphanage. David Jiranek uses the "Through the Eyes of Children" program to teach students photography.

"Through the Eyes of Children" (05:21)

Jean, Uwitonze, and Habumugisha serve as role models for other children affected by violence and trauma. Photographs from "The Camera Kids" are auctioned off at the Home for Little Wanderers charity event in Boston. Adrian learns composition and lighting at a seminar.

Thandiwe Muriu: Photographer (06:53)

Muriu challenges common perceptions of African beauty. In the CAMO series, shown at the "Picture Africa," the photographer allows herself to make mistakes. Nairobi City Center is a good place to find everyday objects for use in pictures.

Workshops (04:37)

Muriu hosts seminars on composition and equipment for young amateurs in Nairobi during the low season. A good rapport with models helps improve images. A photographer needs talent and drive.

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Three Rwandan men, orphaned by unspeakable horrors, used photography to help heal their wounds; Kenyan Thandiwe Muriu uses her unique eye to change perceptions of African beauty.

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