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Slapdee: Hip-Hop and Rap Artist (10:20)


This video features two entertainers who help children in Zambia. XYZ Entertainment nurtures local talent. Slapdee signs seven-year-old Dizmo to a record contract. Mwila Musonda uses his celebrity status to raise awareness about public health and organizes donations for Wons Ministries International Orphanage.

Educating Youth (02:56)

Slapdee encourages children across Lusaka to stay in school. Pestalozzi is a residential school that attracts students throughout Zambia. Music allows an individual to communicate with others across languages, tribes, and nationalities.

Taonga Tembo: Director (04:41)

Barefeet Theater is a non-governmental organization where homeless children learn traditional songs and dances. Garden compound is one of the most vulnerable populations in Lusaka. Tembo works with individuals to tell stories from books; a picture tells a thousand stories.

Community Performance (04:57)

Barefeet Theater launches a performance to examine sustainability in Zambia. Chilufya John discusses a youth camp. International debuts have occurred in Zimbabwe, South Africa, England, and Poland. Dancers prepare for an international children's arts festival in Lusaka.

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Power of Entertainment in Zambia

Part of the Series : African Voices, Series 5
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Award-winning hip-hop artist Slapdee uses his voice to help raise funds for orphanages; at the Taonga dance studio, the founder helps kids dance their way to a better life.

Length: 23 minutes

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