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Rebecca Gyumi: Girls' Advocate (09:09)


This film focuses on activists changing Africa. The "Ms. Chana" initiative wants to enrich the community in six Tanzania regions. Over 60 clubs are dedicated to building confidence in girls. Gyumi receives the United Nations prize for human rights. (Credits)

Solomon King Benge: Educator and Engineer (07:08)

"Fundi Bots" is dedicated to accelerating science learning in Africa. The three core programs on offer are working within the school system, teaching skills for careers, and innovators and changemakers. Betty Kituyi Mukhalu gives a lesson in a rural Ugandan school.

Misan Rewane: Social Entrepreneur (06:11)

The not for profit organization West Africa Vocational Education is dedicated to income transformation by providing skills and opportunities to students in Nigeria. Lessons include effective communication, problem-solving, and time management. Salma, a women's fashion designer, is a program graduate.

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Change Makers

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?This program features a Tanzanian girl?s' rights activist?, ?a Ugandan engineer that? ?accelerates science through robots?,? and a social entrepreneur in Nigeria who equips young adults with? ?skills to build a career? with.?

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