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Mission to Mars (06:56)


Entering the Martian atmosphere to land on the surface is called "Seven Minutes of Terror." Astronauts are delicate and must travel seven to eight months to reach Mars. Unmanned rovers include Curiosity, Mariner Four, Spirit/Opportunity, and Pathfinder.

Human Complications (04:33)

Experts assess astronaut brain function. A human landing on Mars would experience communication delays and feelings of isolation; the sense of accomplishment is a benefit. Experts monitor Scott Kelly on the International Space Station; they use his twin as a control subject on Earth.

Countermeasures Lab (04:46)

John Dewitt designs equipment and exercises to mitigate bone and muscle loss. All-in-one devices are necessary for a mission to Mars. Scientists investigate how to obtain five-year shelf stability at the Space Food Lab.

Future Steps (07:39)

NASA must return to the moon to prepare for Mars. The space launch system will be the most powerfully built system by the time Artemis blasts off in 2024. A mockup of Orion crew housing is located at the Space Vehicle Mockup Facility.

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With Mars in our sights, we visit NASA teams in California and Texas working to make that mission a reality. How far away are we? What needs to happen to get there, and can humans even handle the trip? 50 years after the first landing on the moon, we look ahead to the future of space and what that could mean for all of us on earth.  Hosted by Dr. Sanjay Gupta.

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