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Touring the DMZ (03:52)


Wildlife thrives in the Demilitarized Zone that runs between North and South Korea. Hallie Bradley cuts buckwheat noodles with scissors for mul-naengmyeon. Individuals pray to their ancestors at the Mangbaeddan Memorial in Imjingak Park.

First Checkpoint to North Korea (03:57)

Dorasan Station is the last stop on the South Korean railroad. Camp Greaves is converted into a culture and arts space where artists such as Kim Myeongbeom have installations. South Korea hopes for unification.

Protecting Natural Wildlife (05:12)

Kim Seung-Ho is the director of the DMZ ecology research institute. The crane dance is a metaphor for freedom and love between North and South Korea. There are more than 70 kinds of protected species that live in the region.

Hantan River Basin (04:06)

Seung-Ho and his students witness white-naped and red-crowned cranes during winter. White-tailed eagles keep cranes at a distance. Two photographers compare what interests them in the DMZ.

Cultural Highlights (05:42)

Robert Chu visits Yeongang Gallery in the Civilian Control Zone. The Han Hyang Lim Onggi Museum displays pottery in Heyri Art Village. Lee Eun produces "Joint Security Area" in 2000.

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Explore the history and present-day life along the DMZ: what draws more than 1.2 million tourists annually and the unintended consequence of 65 years without human development.

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