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Introduction: Live Longer: Part 2 (01:06)


Several factors that define our lives influence also impact our longevity. This film examines aging and lifestyle.

Work Lifestyle (05:21)

Chris Hay has a factory in Santa Domingo. Hayco makes cleaning products for international distribution so the executives travel frequently. Dr. Chris Murray runs the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation which examines risk factors for longevity.

Vary Exercise Routines (03:05)

There is a direct correlation between physical activity and longevity; diet is the major factor for weight loss. Traveling too frequently can result in depression, anxiety, and sleep issues.

Global Health Expert (03:42)

Humans can alter their lifestyle through eating, smoking, alcohol consumption, and exercise habits. The United States is projected to drop its average lifespan to 77.5-80 years by 2040. Social relationships, happiness, and the environment make a difference.

Achieving Balance (03:57)

Hay swims laps in the morning before work and chooses his hotels based on the pool and gym. Being happy is a coping mechanism to deal with stress.

Optimal Health (04:44)

Hay can still do everything he wants but he has a family history of heart issues. A friend dies after a heart attack. Nearly half of the adults in the world have some form of cardiovascular disease.

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Live Longer: Part 2

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With our lifespans influenced by factors we can control and the factors we can't, it is more important than ever to practice healthy habits, even on the road.

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