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Singapore, Asia (04:47)


More than half of the global population lives in a city. By 2030, the garden city aims to be the greenest city in the world with eco-friendly buildings and garden landscapes. Elmich creates building products from recycled plastic, saving landfill space.

Dubai, UAE (02:45)

Sustainable City has zero impact on the environment. Solar energy provides power, the water is recycled, and community members grow their own vegetables. Faris Saeed borrows best practices from sustainable developments in Denmark, California, and Japan.

Nairobi, Kenya (03:57)

Approximately 68% of the global population will live in a metropolis by 2050. The Nairobi County Cleanup Project cleans up a local river and transforms the riverbank into a park. Sam Dindi speaks at local schools about conservation and preservation practices.

Cairo, Egypt (03:02)

Schaduf installs hydroponic farms on the rooftops. The Nile River supports 90% of the country's water needs, but Egypt could face a crisis by 2025. Sherif Hosny hopes to change farming practices.

Beirut, Lebanon (04:28)

Landfills grow as cities enlarge. In the Green Glass Recycling Initiative, glass destined for the garbage gets sorted and sent to glassblowers. Ziad Abichaker runs environmentally friendly projects instead of pursuing a career in medicine.

New Delhi, India (03:51)

Jugaad repurposes fabric waste into trendy bags and accessories. Veena Lal runs a homeless shelter and is a committed environmentalist. Dedicated individuals create a greener way of city life and a sustainable world.

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We explore how city dwellers are taking an active role in protecting the environment. Urbanization may be a growing way of life, but that doesn't mean residents must abandon nature. How do city folk overcome the challenges to protect the planet whilst living in a busy metropolis? Going Green explores innovative ways of protecting the environment using urban gardening, eco-friendly construction and how green innovation is improving life in expanding urban centers.

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