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Fighting Terrorism (03:43)


This program will examine how a spy inside Al-Qaeda discovers schemes to poison luxury cars and bomb the New York City subway system. "Nine Lives" is a memoir about Aimen Dean's experience as a spy for British Intelligence.

Joining Al-Qaeda (03:28)

The Mujahideen defeats the Soviet invasion in Bosnia; young Muslims become radicalized after witnessing the genocide in Yugoslavia. Wires connecting to landmines become wrapped around Dean's leg while he helps the wounded. Soldiers behead prisoners of war.

Fighting in Afghanistan (03:53)

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed urges Dean to help liberate the Muslim world from American globalization. Osama Bin Laden talks about freeing the Arabian Peninsula, Iraq, and Iran. Dean swears to obey Al-Qaeda's leaders and creates chemical weapons in a laboratory.

Becoming an Informant (06:05)

Truck bombs explode outside of American embassies in Tanzania and Kenya; the military bombs Al-Qaeda camps in Afghanistan. Dean obtains permission to see his doctor. Qatari security forces send him to the U.K. where he is interviewed by British Intelligence Services.

British Spy Inside Al-Qaeda (04:23)

A cover story states that the hospital in Qatar sent Dean to London for an urgent medical procedure. Dean moves into a home to find radicalized Muslims who support Al-Qaeda. Agents ask him if he would be willing to return to Afghanistan.

Al-Qaeda Camps (05:34)

Dean lives among former comrades and reports on their activities. Chemical laboratories in Abu Khabab Al Masri experiment on rabbits and dogs. Abu Habab creates the Al-Mubtakkar to release gas in closed spaces.

September 11th Attacks (02:59)

On August 6th, 2001, President Bush's daily intelligence briefing stipulates that Bin Laden wants to strike in the United States. Al-Qaeda's chief of operations asks four individuals in the U.K to return to Afghanistan and for Dean to remain in London.

Bahrain (04:15)

An Al-Qaeda operative approaches Dean about developing a weapon to release chemical gas in the New York City subway system. Ayman Al Zawahiri decides the timing is not correct; the CIA obtains the blueprints. Authorities arrest the leaders and Dean.

True Identity Revealed (06:23)

Al-Qaeda plots to target wealthy Londoners by poisoning luxury cars with nicotine. Four suicide bombings occur in the city. An article names Dean as the informant who spoiled the subway attacks; he can no longer work for MI6.

Credits: A Double Life: The Spy Inside Al Qaeda (00:08)

Credits: A Double Life: The Spy Inside Al Qaeda

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The story of how Aimen Dean, a bookish kid from Saudi Arabia, met Osama bin Laden, became a valued al Qaeda operative, and eventually switched sides, becoming a valuable Western spy and double agent inside al Qaeda.

Length: 41 minutes

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ISBN: 978-1-64867-979-7

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