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Appleton Rum (04:51)


Companies need to provide quality products; Cyril Vanier will examine five companies that have endured and evolved. Located in the Nassau Valley of Jamaica, Appleton Estate grows sugar cane to make molasses. Joy Spence creates blends that are distributed in 50 countries.

Caswell-Massey (04:37)

Originating in Newport, Rhode Island over 250 years ago, the perfume company tells stories through the sense of smell. "Number Six" cologne is considered the first American fragrance and a favorite of George Washington. Laurent Le Guernec creates formulas from handwritten recipes.

Encyclopedia Britannica (05:06)

Founded over 250 years ago in Scotland, the company has adapted to an online format. In its first edition, three pages depict graphic images of childbirth and women's anatomy. Door-to-door salesmen help boost sales during the Great Depression; Britannica films are shown in classrooms.

Hershey's Chocolate (04:12)

Hershey's chocolate has been enjoyed around the world since World War II. Brands include Kit-Kat, Kisses, Reese's, and York Peppermint Patty. Milton Hersey begins experimenting with a milk chocolate formula after selling the Lancaster Caramel Company.

Crayola (04:51)

The Binney and Smith Company manufactures its first box of crayons in 1903. Inventing a market is the best way to grow a brand. The company headquarters is located in Eastern Pennsylvania; other products include markers, paints, pencils, and coloring books.

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Cyril Vanier explores the story behind famous brands, like Crayola, Encyclopaedia Britannica, and Hershey’s, that have survived more than a century.

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