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Saving Children (07:50)


Refugees from the Kyangwali Settlement describe how they feel being labeled. Napona Irakoze wakes up at 5 am to fetch water and grow food; she tries to read in her free time. Only five females have attended university or gone on to higher education.

Meet the Girls (03:56)

Beatrice describes how her parents lost four children due to the war in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Betty, a Sudanese refugee, escaped by traveling through the night; her grandmother trades matooki for salt.

The Humanity Girls' Hostel (02:38)

Napona, Betty, and Beatrice attend school in Hoima because they have their parents' support. Beatrice draws pictures to describe their escape from the Congo.

Video Cameras (03:23)

The students explore their world at the Humanity Girls' Hostel using the video camera. At the Kyangwali settlement, refugees are dying from starvation and cholera outbreaks have erupted.

Congolese Refugee (02:22)

Twizere Peninah leads the children in a traditional song and studies at the Kitara secondary school. Boys undermine girls who are not educated. Peninah's family is granted asylum in America.

Parental Support (03:01)

Favourite describes why her parents left Rwanda and how her father wanted a good education for his children. She does not want to marry yet.

No Beans (05:20)

Beatrice describes how her family was robbed and now she worries she will have to marry. Men do not want their women to obtain contraception. The 10th-grade students prepare for the Uganda National Exam; Beatrice loses confidence because she experiences leg pain and tries herbal remedies.

Becoming a Strong Woman (05:25)

Napona wants to become a lawyer and worries about her foster parent who cannot continue to finance her education because of kidney issues. Peninah departs for Concord, New Hampshire with her mother and sister. Adjusting to life in America is difficult without her father and brother.

Moving Out of the Country (02:34)

Betty reads a poem about opportunity and studies to become an electrical engineer. Her family is selected to move to Australia. In Uganda, girls cannot become engineers.

Adjusting to America (06:07)

Peninah makes friends and attends Concord High School. Due to inoculation issues, she misses four weeks of school at the beginning of the year and is placed at the ninth grade level. Her father watches portions of the video, hopes to join them soon, and wants his daughters to obtain an education.

Continued Leg Pain (03:40)

Doctors prescribe physical therapy because they cannot find anything physically wrong. Beatrice draws a picture describing the course of her illness and decides to go back to school. Girls can become anything they desire.

Freedom to Speak (03:14)

Peninah marries a man from Burundi and is pregnant; she worries who will care for her unborn child while she is at school. Living in America is difficult.

Resettlement Process (05:32)

Betty is still in Uganda and is told to wait until May to return. Adala Vivienne describes the process to relocate to Australia. Sudanese resettlement has slowed down and priority is being given to Congolese.

Continuing Education (03:54)

Favourite graduates high school and is granted a scholarship at the United States International University in Nairobi. The challenges she has experienced has made her study international relations and want to give back to the community. It is a sin for a woman to ride a motorcycle in Kywangali Settlement.

Helping Others (05:45)

Napona reads about Isaac Newton's Law of Motion. She wants to build a school in Kyangwali Settlement after becoming a lawyer. Favourite delivers a speech at the Innovation Jam about mentoring youth.

Remembering Her Friends (02:08)

Peninah gives birth to a baby girl and names her after her best friend. She may not return to school and obtain a job.

Changing Hostels (04:53)

The landlord doubles the rent at the old hostel. Napona receives her results from her examination and prepares to become an academic prefect. Betty's uncle is hoping to sponsor her family to come to Australia but needs to raise funds.

Credits: Sauti (Voice) (01:32)

Credits: Sauti (Voice)

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The refugee crisis in Uganda’s Kyangwali Refugee Settlement is not new. For the people of this camp, being a refugee is a protracted circumstance endured for decades. Sauti (“Voice” in Swahili) follows the efforts of five young women who were brought to the Settlement as children and who, as they approach adulthood, strive to pursue their dreams for a future beyond the constraints of a protracted refugee situation in an underdeveloped host country.

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