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Kid Antrim and Billy Bonney (04:52)


The town of Lincoln, NM was the site of a brutal and violent conflict in the late 1800s between businessmen and cattle ranchers. One of the most legendary outlaws in American history, Billy the Kid, emerged from this conflict.

The House Becomes LG Murphy (01:16)

LG Murphy was a powerful businessman in Lincoln County, NM in the early 20th century. He was known as "The House" to the locals, and was a former military man with many connections. He had a drinking problem that led to his downfall.

Unstoppable Business Combination (02:59)

The aggressive, Germanic partner in the business partnership was Fritz, while the more convivial, Irishman was Murphy. Together, they were an almost unstoppable business combination. Dolan, who took over the company after Murphy's death, was also an ex-soldier and was just as ruthless as his predecessors.

Sheriff of Lincoln County (02:28)

William Brady was a sheriff in Lincoln County, NM during the Lincoln County War. He was close friends with LG Murphy, and favored the Murphy Dolan interest. Brady was killed in 1878.

The Dolan Company vs. Tunstall (02:24)

Tunstall was a successful Englishman who opened a store and bank in Lincoln, New Mexico in direct competition with the Dolan Company. The two sides clashed and Tunstall was killed. His ally, Scotsman Alexander McSween, was also killed. Many historians believe that Henry McCarty, later known as Billy the Kid, was involved in the killings.

Uncertainty About McCarty's Marriage (04:17)

Billy the Kid was a criminal and murderer who had a good side. He was known for his quick temper, but he was also known for his love of singing and dancing.

Billy the Kid's Legacy (02:34)

The good bad boy is potent because he represents something that we all want, but can never have. He's dangerous, exciting, and unpredictable.

1878: McSween's Trial Postponed (01:49)

In 1878, James Dolan convinced the Fritzes to charge McSween with the criminal offense of embezzlement and bring a civil lawsuit to recover the inheritance money. Dolan also mistakenly assumed that Tunstall and McSween were partners in the store and the Rio Feliz Ranch.

Lincoln County War Turns Point (02:49)

The Lincoln County War was a conflict between two factions over the control of Lincoln County, New Mexico. On February 18, 1878, Sheriff William Brady sent a posse of 23 men to the Tunstall Ranch to take possession of Tunstall's livestock.

Lincoln County War: John Tunstall Murder (01:37)

The Tunstall murder was likely carried out by three gunmen who killed Tunstall and then fired two shots from his weapon to make it look like he was killed by the posse.

Lincoln County War Moves Beyond Legal Maneuvering (03:15)

The Tunstall family never paid the medical bill for John Tunstall's surgery, which may be an interesting commentary on their opinion of him. After Tunstall's murder, Alexander McSween became the leader of the Tunstall forces. He was not good at the tactics, really, that were necessary, and suffered because he equivocated.

Murder and Revenge (03:00)

The Regulators killed three men, McCloskey, Morton, and Baker, who were prisoners. It's unclear whether they were trying to escape or were simply murdered.

Defeat at the Tunstall Store (02:16)

The Regulators killed Sheriff William Brady because they felt he was going to assassinate McSween and Chisum.

TB Assassination (04:33)

A man named Andrew Buckshot Roberts was shot and killed by the Regulators at Dr. Joseph Blazer's Mill.

Regulator Gunfight at Blazer's Mill (04:06)

The gunfight at Blazer's Mill was a disaster for the Regulators, with many killed or wounded. However, Billy the Kid was able to escape and continued to fight.

Confrontation in Lincoln County (03:25)

The Lincoln County War was a three-year long conflict between two factions, the Regulators and the Dolan faction, over control of Lincoln County, New Mexico. The Tunstall murder, in which John Tunstall was killed by the Dolan faction, was the event that sparked the war.

Regulators vs. Dudley (03:19)

The Regulators were outnumbered and outgunned by the Dolan forces, and the situation deteriorated until the McSween house was set on fire and McSween was killed. Five Regulators, including The Kid, made a break for it, but only three made it to the river alive.

Kid Antrim and Billy Bonney (01:40)

The Kid was not the leader of the Regulators, and McSween was not incapable of leadership qualities. Colonel Dudley's arrival in Lincoln County with his artillery intimidated the Regulators and prevented a bloodbath.

The Battle of Lincoln Begins (02:17)

The Lincoln County War was a conflict fought for economic superiority in the town and county. The result was that James Dolan was bankrupt, and his once mighty store would eventually be converted into the Lincoln County Courthouse. Billy the Kid, who had been fighting on the side of the Dolan forces, would eventually become an American legend.

The Kid and His Gang (03:42)

Billy the Kid wrote letters to New Mexico Governor Lew Wallace asking for a pardon in return for testifying against James Dolan in a murder he had witnessed. Wallace never did live up to his end of the bargain.

The Kid Returns to Lincoln (02:51)

Governor Wallace never replied to Billy's letters, so he made his move and stole a gun from the courthouse armory.

The Kid Murders Deputy J. W. Bell (01:32)

Billy the Kid shot deputy JW Bell on these courthouse stairs, Bell staggered out the back door of the courthouse and died right here, and Olinger was killed by Billy in the courthouse yard.

The Kid's Voice Recognized (03:50)

Billy the Kid was a charming young man who was loved by the people of Lincoln, New Mexico. However, he was also a petty thief and was killed by Garrett.

Plot of James Dolan (03:43)

He was a real person with multiple sides and probably really multiple faces. Up close, deadly and one thing about this guy, cool under fire. After the war, James Dolan took possession of the Tunstall Store and the Rio Feliz Ranch. He built this home in Lincoln directly across the street from the store.

Story of a Gun Fight (01:48)

A rider shot Pat Garrett, and a Mexican boy rode to town to get the sheriff.

Aspects of the Lincoln County War (03:37)

The Lincoln County War was a conflict fought in the late 1800s between two factions in Lincoln County, New Mexico. The war is still debated and discussed by historians and descendants of the participants.

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