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John Steinbeck's Early Life (03:45)


John Steinbeck was born in 1902 in Salinas, California. His father was a manager of a flour mill and his mother was a teacher. The family was close to the coast and enjoyed spending time outdoors. Steinbeck was a good student and loved to read. He had a difficult time in his early adulthood, but eventually became one of America's most notable novelists.

Growing Up in Monterey County (07:50)

John Steinbeck spent his youth in Pacific Grove, California, where he had a love for nature.

Monterey and San Francisco (02:57)

John Steinbeck was a writer who spent time in Monterey and San Francisco. He was an ungainly misfit as a boy and spent his time researching and talking with intelligent people. He enjoyed books and disliked academics. He got what he needed from Stanford and spent his weekends in San Francisco.

The College Years (02:03)

John Steinbeck was a difficult person to get along with during his college years, but it was this period that influenced his writing the most.

Working in New York (03:33)

John Steinbeck met Ed Ricketts and became friends. Ricketts was a scientist who helped Steinbeck with his work. Steinbeck was struggling to make a living as a writer, but he was encouraged by Ricketts.

Steinbeck Marries Henning (02:03)

John Steinbeck met Carol Henning while he was at Lake Tahoe, and their relationship had developed intermittently. In Steinbeck's words, she had a sharp and penetrating mind. She was outspoken and aggressive. They were finally married in 1931.

Success and Problems (03:08)

John Steinbeck was an American writer who wrote about the human condition. He was successful but had problems with his wives.

Nobel Prize for Literature (03:13)

John Steinbeck moved to Sag Harbor in order to have peace and quiet to write and was eventually awarded the Nobel Prize for literature. He was harshly criticized by The New York Times and other critics, but his popularity continues unabated.

Credits (00:29)


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Novelist John Steinbeck was best noted for his portrayal of the proletariat. His writing realistically depicted the economically depressed in the U.S., particularly the itinerant farm laborers of California. Grapes Of Wrath is the novel which best fits this characterization. Steinbeck won a Pulitzer Prize and a Nobel Prize.

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