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Charles Dickens (07:25)


Dickens was born in 1812 to a middle-class family in Portsmouth. The family moved frequently because of his father, John's job. Dickens began school in Chatham and wrote locations there into his books.

London 1822 (05:33)

Poor finances forced the family to leave Chatham and move to London. At age 12, Dickens began working in a factory and his family spent a year in debtor’s prison. Poverty became a frequent theme in his work and made readers sympathetic to the poor.

Success (06:49)

Thanks to an inheritance from Dickens' grandmother, he was able to attend school and became a reporter. He began writing literary pieces and doing newspaper sketches as he started "The Pickwick Papers." His popularity grew the more he wrote.

Fame (08:30)

Dickens became a public figure and celebrated writer. He had nine children with his wife, Catherine Hogarth, but they separated. He worked hard at his writing and gave public readings.

Credits: Charles Dickens (00:37)

Credits: Charles Dickens

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Charles Dickens

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Often considered the greatest English novelist of his time, Dickens was known for the cruel and suffering characters he created. His social criticism was especially evident in some of his greatest works including Oliver Twist and Hard Times. Other great Dickens novels include A Tale Of Two Cities, David Copperfield and more.

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