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LRA Uses Slavery to Enforce Power (16:43)


The LRA is a brutal militia that uses extreme violence to terrorize civilians and control the population. They also specialize in abducting children and adults and forcing them into servitude.

Abductions Lead to Murders (02:44)

The LRA abducts people, takes them to a remote location, and kills those who can't keep up or don't want to participate in the killings. The strongest and most brutal members are the ones who survive.

The Worst Experiences (04:19)

The kid was forced to kill his brother or else they would both be killed. If someone tried to escape and failed, they could be executed. There were extreme punishments for not following orders.

The Rise of the LRA (07:32)

There were others who were pardoned, but the UN estimates that there are around 100,000 kids who were abducted by the LRA over the years. No one ever feels good about it, not even the commanders of the group.

LRA - Living By Their Own Law (12:47)

The speaker explains that many years of activities related to the illegal trafficking and sale of humans into slavery has led him to a position of leadership within the LRA. He notes that this is a very lucrative business, and that it is driven by consumer demand for low-cost high-value products.

Bush Babies in the Bush (02:51)

The LRA is a Ugandan rebel group that has been active for more than 25 years. They are known for abducting women and children and using them as sex slaves and soldiers. Kony is the leader of the LRA and he relies on the Bush babies, children who have been raised in the LRA, to carry out his orders.

Unconditional Amnesty (02:05)

The Ugandan government has been using a blanket amnesty as a counterinsurgency tool and national reconciliation strategy since the 1990s. The amnesty is unconditional and allows rebels to return to society without fear of prosecution. However, many people in the community still view those who have received amnesty as guilty.

LRA's Impact (02:07)

For over 20 years the LRA has taken over a hundred thousand children. Thousands of children were taken from their homes and forced to fight, kill, and die for the LRA.

Credits (01:32)


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There are over 45 million people living in slavery around the world. More than ever before in human history. This film traces their stories. Modern slavery has many faces, more than 45 million of them. Work slaves, sex slaves, domestic slaves and child soldiers. This film traces their stories. And seeks out the perpetrators: Unscrupulous profiteers, for whom people are mere commodities. In Thailand, slaves aged up to 15 years old are forced to work on fishing trawlers without breaks. It is a brutal trade in human beings perpetrated on the high seas. Very few manage to escape. As a result of his research for this documentary, director Marc Wiese succeeded in bringing about the conviction of one of the main offenders in Bangkok. Also, in a world first, a high-ranking member of the Lord Resistance Army (LRA) speaks on camera. The LRA has been conducting a gruesome guerrilla war for the past thirty years in the tri-border region of Uganda, DR Congo and Sudan and has, according to UN estimates, kidnapped up to 100,000 children and enslaved them as child soldiers. And yet there are the heroes who are battling modern slavery. Australian billionaire, Andrew Forrest is investing 300 million dollars in an attempt to curb slavery in India. In Mexico City, author Lydia Cacho encounters a small girl, who escaped from a child sex slave ring. Cacho takes her in and ultimately helps free 200 children.

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