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An Introduction to Agatha Christie (02:36)


Agatha Christie is considered by many to be the best crime writer and her work is influential to many other crime writers.

Agatha Christie's Novels (01:20)

Agatha Christie was a successful mystery writer who was known for her clever plots.

Agatha Christie's Inspiration (02:42)

Agatha Christie was a very talented mystery writer who was inspired by Sherlock Holmes and other crime fiction novels of the time.

Christie's Childhood (02:54)

Agatha Christie spent a happy childhood in Torquay, Devon.

The Early Years (03:02)

Agatha Christie was a young woman in the early 1900s who loved to travel. She went to dances and parties. She also skated on the pier. In her late teens she went to Paris and then to Egypt. In 1914, she married Archie Christie and began working as a nurse and later worked in the pharmacy.

Agatha Christie's Career Beginnings (04:39)

The dispensary of the hospital in Torquay is where Agatha Christie decided on her first murder mystery, The Mysterious Affair at Styles.

Agatha Christie's Greatest Adventure (03:12)

Agatha Christie's greatest adventure was traveling the world with her husband in 1922.

Agatha Christie: Modern Woman (02:10)

Agatha Christie was an exceptionally modern woman for her time. She was without a doubt, the first English woman ever to stand up on a surfboard. She got her driver's license and wanted to buy her own car. That was an act of total freedom. After her return from the world tour, Agatha's career rapidly took off.

The Truth About Christie's Disappearance (04:51)

Agatha Christie disappeared because she was angry with her husband for cheating on her, and she staged her own disappearance as a way to get back at him.

Agatha Christie Travels Alone (01:15)

Agatha Christie was an adventurous traveler who was curious about how people lived in different parts of the world. She changed her plans to go to Jamaica and instead traveled to Syria and Iraq, where she met her future husband, Max Mallowan.

Christie Travels to Baghdad (05:16)

Agatha Christie was an adventurer who traveled to the Orient by herself in the 1920s. She fell in love with archaeology and married Max Mallowan in 1930. As a married couple, they spent four to six months of each year in the Orient.

Ancestral Archaeologist (01:42)

Agatha Christie was an accomplished archaeologist and photographer who documented her excavations.

Agatha Christie and Hercule Poirot (02:25)

Agatha Christie stated that she did not like Hercule Poirot, but in fact, he was her chief source of income.

Agatha Christie's Houses (04:22)

Agatha Christie and Max Mallowan bought their first house together in 1934, Winterbrook House. In 1938, they bought Greenway House, which remained their main residence until Christie's death in 1976.

Christie's Favorite Places (02:55)

Agatha Christie was worldly and enjoyed travel, but she also loved houses and found great joy in simple things like hospitality and laughter.

Miss Marple's Acceptance of Humanity (04:26)

Strong female writers were an integral part of Agatha Christie's writings, though she was skeptical of feminism.

Agatha Christie's Legacy (01:45)

Agatha Christie was a famous crime writer who was made a Dame by Queen Elizabeth in 1971. She died in 1976, and her last Miss Marple novel was published posthumously.

Credits (00:17)


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Agatha Christie: is there any other author in the world who has garnered as many accolades as she has: she is the inventor of the modern British crime novel and the best-selling and most translated novelist of all time. Her heroes Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple are household names, her stage play The Mousetrap holds the record for being the longest-running play in the world. But who is the woman behind the achievements? Using never before seen footage and photographs from Agatha Christie's private collection, the film embarks on a biographical investigation and reveals a portrait of an enigmatic character, whose biography and works were defined by the global events of the 20th century. Because Christie was not just a disciplined, hard-working writer who penned 66 novels, almost as many short stories and 33 plays, she was also a modern and emancipated woman, who throughout her life never allowed herself to be restricted by the rules of English society.

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