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Introduction: Team Approach to Comprehensive Care (00:32)


Emphasis on and success with physical treatments has led to a distancing from death; familial, psychological, and spiritual needs of dying patients is often overlooked.

Patient Care (02:19)

Team care is the most effective way to treat critically ill patients and their families. Professionals gather to discuss a patient's physical, social, emotional, and spiritual needs; a variety of disciplines can augment the team.

Assessment and Compassionate Care (03:10)

Assessing a patient's needs begins with trained observation; no team member is more important than another. Caregivers should have a deeper understanding of emotional concerns; respect a patient's life before and throughout illness. Listening skills and offering acceptance are important aspects of care.

Coping With Illness (04:00)

Team members from other disciplines can provide a new perspective; team care allows flexibility. Children may express emotions through non-verbal means. Social workers asses psycho-social aspects; clergy can be important members of team care.

Familial Support (03:34)

Providing support to a patient's loved ones is an important aspect of care; healthcare professionals regularly encounter people in crisis. Team members reflect on increased responsibilities and culture.

Bonding and Death (03:20)

Nursing aids often develop a close bond with patients; these bonds are important for families when a patient withdraws. Some patients may need a form of permission to die comfortably. Loved ones may experience issues of abandonment, mistreatment, and guilt when a patient worsens.

Team Healthcare (03:59)

Sharing perspectives allows team members to better understand what patients and their families need. Team members may become emotionally involved with patients; it is important to find balance.

Credits: Team Approach to Comprehensive Care (00:46)

Credits: Team Approach to Comprehensive Care

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Team Approach to Comprehensive Care

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This program examines the roles of different members of a hospice team in providing effective and sensitive care to a dying patient. It also considers issues of communication, culture, and rituals surrounding death.

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