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German Diversionary Tactics (06:07)


On May 10, 1940, German soldiers attack and Gen. Maurice Gamelin moves forces into Belgium; citizens begin fleeing. Adolf Hitler launches his true offensive through the Ardennes. German airborne forces capture Fort Eben-Emael. (Credits)

German Advance (06:18)

German soldiers enter Liège on May 11, 1940 and residents flee. They launch an air offensive in France and the Netherlands. Forces advance on the French defensive line and take control of Sedan; they build a bridge across the Meuse River.

French Counter-Attack (04:40)

Refugees seek safety in Paris. Col. de Gaulle leads a tank brigade and the French Air Force captures 1,000 German pilots. German forces advance, Belgium surrenders, and the British Expeditionary Force withdraws to the coast. Maxime Weygand replaces Gamelin and Philippe Pétain becomes Vice Premier.

Battle of Dunkirk (03:53)

Weygand orders a full retreat towards Dunkirk. French forces hold back German troops and the Luftwaffe attacks. Vessels evacuate 335,000 French and British soldiers.

Dunkirk Occupation (04:01)

German forces take over the city on June 4, 1940 and capture 80,000 French troops. A film crew captures soldiers in high spirits.

Italian Offensive (05:51)

Benito Mussolini declares war on Great Britain and France; Gen. Rommel's forces enter Normandy. Officials relinquish Paris and six million French citizens flee. German forces advance and capture nearly two million French soldiers; racism is rampant.

French Capitulation (04:21)

Paul Reynaud resigns and Pétain leads the French government; he seeks an armistice. France surrenders to Germany on June 22, 1940.

WWII Armistice (04:49)

German soldiers commandeer supplies. France is divided into the Occupied Zone and Free Zone, and government ministries move into Vichy. Winston Churchill orders the neutralization of France's navy.

British Preparations (04:48)

German citizens praise Hitler; soldiers occupy Jersey and Guernsey. Britain prepares for an invasion. The RAF is a major weapon for Churchill and ops rooms monitor planes with radar.

Luftwaffe Attack (04:38)

Hermann Goering believes he can destroy the RAF in five days; Werner Molders leads the aerial offensive. Hitler postpones his invasion of Britain but orders daily bombings.

Jewish Imprisonment (01:44)

On October 12, 1940, German soldiers erect a wall around the Warsaw Ghetto. Hitler celebrates Christmas with Eva Braun at the Berghof.

Credits: Episode 2: Crushing Defeat (01:15)

Credits: Episode 2: Crushing Defeat

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On May 10th, 1940, the “Blitzkrieg”—“lightning war”—is launched. The German army barrels across Belgium, Holland, and France. Following some violent fighting, the British troops panic in Dunkirk. A few days later, the Swastika is flying over Paris. Meanwhile, Hitler’s ally Mussolini, excited for his takings, declares war against France—a knife in the back. Civilians are left fleeing in a veritable exodus. The French are left with the choice between collaborating with Petain or resisting in the spirit of Churchill. Despite the heavy bombing of British cities, Churchill and the British refuse to make peace with Hitler. Very worried about American rearmament, Hitler ponders a new gamble: to attack his Soviet ally so as to establish his European domination before Churchill can get America to side with him.

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