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World War II (04:24)


In 1945, the Red Army wages its final fights; Adolf Hitler appears in a propaganda film. The war results in 50 million casualties; Russian soldiers rape German women. Berlin is a major cultural center prior to Hitler taking control of Germany in 1933.

German Furor (05:32)

Hitler takes power and repeatedly declares nationalist slogans; "Mein Kampf" cites his political missions. Hitler attends a peace conference in 1938, but invades Czechoslovakia in March 1939; he enters Prague with Hermann Goering.

Molotov–Ribbentrop Pact (06:48)

The USSR has a mutual assistance treaty with France. In 1939, Hitler makes a non-aggression pact with Stalin; U.S. citizens return home. Hitler invades Poland on September 1, 1939; Great Britain and France declare war two days later.

Saar Offensive (05:08)

In September 1939, France mobilizes 4 million men; motorization is outdated. Hear an excerpt from a German soldier's writings. French forces attack four days after declaring war; the offensive becomes a series of raids.

Maginot Line (04:34)

Franco-British forces believe the war will soon end. Gen. Maurice Gamelin wants two safe years to rearm the country; Germans construct the Siegfried Line. Citizens in Alsace-Lorraine and Strasbourg evacuate.

Polish Capitulation (05:21)

German planes bomb Warsaw on September 20, 1939. President Roosevelt announces U.S. neutrality and Paris citizens take precautions. The Russians invade eastern Poland and the country surrenders; Stalin orders 20,000 prisoners executed.

Nazi Targets (03:46)

Hitler names Hans Frank governor general of occupied Polish provinces. Soldiers imprison gypsies, ordering women to undergo sterilization, and herd Jews into ghettos.

Sitzkrieg (06:16)

A propaganda crew films Hitler in Warsaw. Gen. Walther von Brauchitsch reports poor performance, but Hitler orders preparations for an attack on the West; he survives an assassination attempt. Hitler postpones the attack and spends time at his chalet; a waiting period begins.

Winter War and Blitzkrieg (05:40)

Gamelin anticipates a German attack in Belgium. American and English Nazis are active. Winston Churchill insists on taking the offensive. The Soviet Union invades Finland and Hitler launches an attack on Denmark and Norway; Franco-British expeditionary forces arrive.

Military Trap (02:21)

On May 9, 1940, Hitler launches his Western offensive. Parachutists jump over Holland and the German War Machine attacks Belgium.

Credits: Episode 1: Aggression (01:13)

Credits: Episode 1: Aggression

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In Berlin, which lies in ruins, the Red Army is fighting its last battles. Berlin, which was once one of the most open cities in the world, before Hitler and the Nazis rose to power and decided to take control of Europe. In 1939 the Fuhrer allies himself with Stalin before invading Poland. France and Great Britain are left without any choice but to declare war against Germany, which does not stop the Germans and Soviets from calmly carving up Poland. Persecutions of Jews and Gypsies begin. To the West, the “phoney war” has started—a period of waiting, uncertainty, and also hope. Remembering the suffering they endured during WWI, the French and British still hope to avoid the war. Meanwhile, Hitler is preparing his invasion of France, which is risky but formidable. Will the Allies fall into the trap?

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