Segments in this Video

College Scandal (02:31)


Arizona Head Coach Sean Miller and LSU Head Coach Will Wade deny dealings with Christian Dawkins. Dawkins, now a convicted felon, wants to tell his story.

Basketball Family (05:21)

Basketball has always been an important aspect of Dawkins' life. His father Lou is a prominent figure in Saginaw, MI. Dawkins reflects on reading "Sole Influence" and understanding athlete value.

Mindset and Tragedy (05:45)

As an adolescent, Dawkins starts a publication for basketball scouting in Michigan. His brother Dorian, a talented basketball player, collapses on the court and dies at the hospital.

Show Your Heart Memorial Classic (03:20)

Dawkins organizes a high school basketball tournament in tribute to Dorian. Steve Haney and Dawkins' parents discuss his talent for scouting and obtaining sponsorship at a young age.

Career Beginnings (05:50)

Dawkins signs two first round picks during his first year as a financial services managing director. He and Haney disagree on his job title when working at ASM Sports. Dawkins discusses his departure from the company and theft accusations.

Sports Management (05:38)

Dawkins explains his deal with Andy Miller, connections with Marty Blazer and Munish Sood, and signing players. Dan Wetzel cites the need for untraceable cash. Experts discuss pay for play.

Management Investment (03:59)

Dawkins explains dealings with Sood and undercover FBI agent Jeff D'Angelo, beginning in May 2017. Hear a recorded phone conversation between the men.

Loyd Management Inc. (06:44)

Dawkins meets with Sood, Marty, D'Angelo, and Jill Bailey in June 2017 and signs a partnership agreement; he receives $50,000 in cash. Dawkins discusses the tactic of paying coaches to guide players and recognizing the deal as a set-up.

Fraud and Theft Charges (04:09)

Experts discuss Blazer stealing client money to make movies. To help his case, Blazer offers to provide information about bribing coaches, leading to the meeting aboard D'Angelo's yacht.

Coach Meetings (04:22)

Dawkins sets-up meetings between Book Richardson, Merl Code, and D'Angelo; hear wire taps. Haney states that Dawkins had no interest in bribery, he just wanted money to fund his sports agency.

Bribery Scheme (09:39)

In taped phone conversations, D'Angelo pushes the pay coaches model and Dawkins tells him it does not make sense. Dawkins tells Code he will not pay coaches, but pretend that he is; Code warns Dawkins to be cautious. Dawkins has a friend run background checks on D'Angelo and Bailey.

Dawkins Hustles D'Angelo (05:34)

Division I coaches gather in Vegas for summer evaluations in July 2017. Dawkins arranges introductions with D'Angelo, but questions the suite rental. He discusses taking D'Angelo's money and the arrival of Blazer.

FBI Investigation Revealed (06:08)

After the Vegas trip, D'Angelo steps away from the deal. In September 2017, Dawkins learns he is under investigation and the FBI wants information on college coaches. Dawkins wants a lawyer and agents place him under arrest.

Sports Bribery and Fraud (08:20)

Dawkins recalls entering a federal holding cell, calling his mother, and the arrest of several coaches. See a portion of the press conference about NCAA corruption.

FBI Seeks Cooperation (03:15)

Dawkins and Haney discuss the focus on Rick Pitino and Andy, and charges against Dawkins, and the decision to go to trial.

Wire Fraud Trial (07:16)

The first trial occurs in October 2018 with Jim Gatto and Code as co-defendants. Dawkins admits financial dealings with Brian Bowen and his family and the court delivers a guilty verdict. Experts reflect on NCAA rules, violations by the University of Louisville, and shoe company sponsorships.

Bribery Trial (10:02)

The second trial occurs in April 2019. Experts discuss Blazer, FBI misconduct, D'Angelo not appearing in court, and witness subpoenas. Sean publicly denies any involvement.

Player Payments (08:19)

FBI wiretaps implicate Sean in NCAA violations; conversations of coaches discussing recruitment are not heard in court. Wade and Sean deny dealings with Dawkins. Hear taped conversations between Dawkins, Sean, and Wade.

Amateurism and Industry (05:01)

Dawkins is convicted on two counts in his second trial and receives a total sentence of 18 months in federal prison. He and Wetzel reflect on coaches paying players and industry practices.

Chosen Records (05:10)

Dawkins lands a joint venture deal with Atlantic Records; he believes he can do anything. His parents read a letter Dawkins wrote in 2012, promoting his dreams.

Reflection and Acknowledgment (01:31)

Dawkins discusses whether he did anything wrong and the moral of his story; he is appealing his convictions The FBI remains silent about D'Angelo. Blazer receives a year of probation.

Credits: The Scheme (00:48)

Credits: The Scheme

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The Scheme tells the revealing, no-holds-barred tale of Christian Dawkins, who was convicted in federal court in one of the biggest criminal cases in collegiate sports history. The film chronicles the extensive and unprecedented two- year undercover FBI investigation into college basketball corruption that came to a dramatic climax on September 26, 2017, when a number of top sportswear executives and assistant coaches at major college programs were arrested in connection to a pay-for-play scheme. While no head coaches were charged, the federal government alleged that Christian Dawkins, an unassuming and unknown 25-year-old, was part of a criminal enterprise that had infiltrated college basketball and funneled hundreds of thousands of dollars to steer recruits to prominent athletic programs. Directed by Emmy® winner Pat Kondelis, this feature-length documentary features Dawkins facing the camera for the first time to explain in fascinating detail how a kid from Saginaw, Michigan ended up in a hotel suite surrounded by FBI agents with a warrant for his arrest.

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