Titles in this Series

Engineering America

Item #: 205831

Super Structures

Item #: 205832

Dangerous Demolition

Item #: 205833

Biggest Engineering Breakthroughs

Item #: 205834

Digging Deeper

Item #: 205835

Battling the Blackout

Item #: 205836

Conquering the Arctic

Item #: 205837

Unsolved Mysteries

Item #: 205838

Man vs. Nature

Item #: 205839

Sinking Cities

Item #: 205840

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“Project Impossible” explores epic engineering feats that were once considered unthinkable, but with new advances in technology have become possible. Each episode delves into the construction of man-made structures that are crucial to the planet's future.

Length: 414 minutes

Item#: BVL205830

Copyright date: ©2017

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