Segments in this Video

Introduction to Life After People (02:17)


This introduction orients the viewers to the upcoming video that predictions of what will happen to Las Vegas after mankind is extinct.

One Day After People (02:09)

The empty casinos and wax museums in Las Vegas are featured and rats are shown to be the only living thing left wandering the streets.

An Uncertain Future (01:57)

Cats overtake Atlantic City's Boardwalk after man is gone. Viewers learn the history of the Boardwalk which is made of Ipe, a Brazilian walnut that is as strong as concrete.

Third Day After People (01:38)

Exhaust fans and air condition at the Las Vegas Wax Museum stop working. We see its effects.

One Week After People (02:38)

Evita Peron's mummified body and her underground tomb are featured as something that would last for many years. The Stratosphere Tower is highlighted and a glimpse of the natural destruction ahead is demonstrated.

Two Weeks After People (02:27)

Las Vegas' empty city is presented along with the many rats left behind. The Rat Terrier and it's capabilities to catch rats and other small species is described. Atlanta City's Boardwalk is showing no signs of wear from the ocean's waves.

One Month After People (02:17)

Lucy, six story elephant is a landmark in Margate, New Jersey. We see the weather's effect on this statue.

Freeze/Frost Cycle (03:31)

The once vibrant Americana Amusement Park has become a ghost town after closing in 2002. After eighty years in business, it only took a few years for rot and corrosion to take over.

Wood Roller Coaster (02:44)

The now rotting Screechin' Eagle roller coaster is plunging toward complete collapse. The supporting ropes are poised for failure. Nails come out over a single season. Eventually verticle members will buckle.

Two Years After People (02:20)

Viewers see the Las Vegas Springs Preserves and the Mojave Desert after people. Solar Cells in the Vegas Springs Preserves parking lot continue to generate electricity

5 & 10 Years After People (02:56)

Cats and bats move into Atlantic City's empty casinos where weather damage continues. Solar Cells continue to generate electricity, but they won't last very long without humans.

15 & 50 Years After People (03:04)

Lucy, the Margate elephant will begin to lose her tin skin and when her legs buckle, she will fall to the ground. Just 50 years after people, Atlantic City's pier is just a skeleton after years of sandblasting from the ocean water. Water naturally returns to Las Vegas.

The Big One - Natural Demolition (01:49)

Atlantic City's Boardwalk is finally torn to pieces in a hurricane due. We see the natural demolition of buildings from the corroding effects of salt.

100 Years After People (02:36)

The cryptobiotic crust that once held Las Vegas' desert sands in place is depleted by human activity. Fine grains of windblown sand continue to erode man-made structures.

200 & 300 Years After People (02:52)

The temple of Luxor was protected from the effects of blowing sand because it was largely buried. Will Las Vegas be as lucky? 90 mph winds take down structures previously weakend by erosion from flash flooding. 300 years after people artesian water brings new life to the desert.

Mother Nature's Thrill Ride (02:15)

Nevada has thousands of minor earthquakes every year. The Stratosphere Tower smashes to the ground.

1,000 Years After People (03:26)

It would be difficult to recognize there was once a city in the Las Vegas valley. Earth will enter an ice age 20,000 years after people. 1,000,000 years after people there will have been a number of ice ages, and a new species of camel will live in what was once the Nevada desert.

Man's Great Gambles (01:23)

The Voyager Space Craft will be in pieces in 1,000,000 years and it will fall back to earth without anyone being able to listen to the gold records sent along to inform other intelligent life about life on Earth. (Credits)

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This progam theorizes about what would happen to the Earth if people were to simply disappear, and examines Las Vegas and Atlantic City as rats invade and famous hotels crumble. Camels, it is predicted, will run wild in North America, as their ancesters did. We also explore Americana Amusement Park in Monroe, Ohio, which was abandoned in 2002. Part of the series Life After People. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. (45 minutes)

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