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Film Introduction (01:23)


What would happen if every single human being disappeared from the face of the earth?

One Day after People (03:58)

The Declaration of Independence, protected by an intricately controlled environment, is now the victim of humidity. The Mona Lisa's protection can withstand a grenade blast--but it can't fight off a disease from within.

Two Days after People (02:50)

The Golden Gate and the Bay Bridge will fall victim to erosion and rust from the fog, and abrasive damage from dust, sand, and rocks. A cargo ship is held in place by eight ropes. How long will they hold?

One Week after People (01:02)

The Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur have only the sun beating down on their walls. Once, in the time of people, a man called "the human fly" reached the 60th floor from the exterior using only his bare hands.

Two Weeks after People (02:09)

Some of the 400,000 wolves living in the wild invade homes to find food. Many domestic animals are trapped in houses. Village dogs are capable of living off the worst food, and they are lean fighting machines.

Three Months after People (01:09)

How long will the treasures of civilization remain secure?

Four Months after People (02:49)

A billion seeds representing a million different food crops are stored in Svalbard Global Seed Vault in Norway's frozen north. Without electricity, the vaults warm up to ambient temperature. Will the seeds last?

Two Years after People (02:45)

Cable holding San Francisco's cable cars has deteriorated. Cable cars break loose. A cargo ship held by ropes breaks free from its moorings in a storm. It rakes against a pier supporting the Golden Gate. The ship snaps in two.

Ten Years after People (01:27)

The Declaration of Independence is in harm's way as a window panel breaks away, allowing light to reach the document. Deterioration is in high gear.

Twenty-Five Years after People (01:46)

Prehistoric art in the original Lascaux Caves returns to a natural balance, likely to last another 30,000 years.

Story of Centralia (07:28)

In 1983, all of the residents of Centralia, in the heart of a coal mining area, were forced to leave because of noxious gases. The government demolished almost all the buildings, and nature was left to take over the ruins.

Fifty Years after People (01:10)

In the Svalbard Global Seed Vault some seeds are dying. The first to go are the most fragile such as lettuce seeds.

Seventy-Five Years after People (03:25)

Decades of tropical heat have corroded the steel supports under the skybridge. The bridge crashes to earth. In Philadelphia, the wooden support beam holding the Liberty Bell weakens and breaks. Village dogs evolve back into wild dogs.

One Hundred Years after People (03:25)

Rust has consumed the Gold Gate Bridge. Its cables finally snap, and the bridge breaks up. Trees and vegetation clog the Bridge's expansion joints, and the bridge breaks up. In the Louvre, wood-eating beetles destroy the Mona Lisa.

Two Hundred Years after People (00:46)

Only the skeletal remains of the Golden Gate peak through the fog. The Bay Bridge's vegetation will trap sand, silt, and other vegetative matter. An island or a peninsula might eventually emerge from the growth.

Three Hundred Years after People (01:18)

Rain has created a dense forest in Philadelphia gradually buries the Liberty Bell. The Declaration of Independence remains protected in its case. Heat and light have desiccated the paper. The first breath of air to hit the document will kill it.

Five Hundred Years after People (01:43)

After five centuries of exposure to the elements, the Petronas Towers collapse from the top down. They fall almost at the same time. Over time, the jungle will overtake the rubble and all traces of the towers will be gone.

Two Thousand Years after People (01:09)

The Venus de Milo still stands. The basic structure of the Notre Dame Cathedral allows it to stay standing.

Twenty Thousand Years after People (00:26)

The last of the billion seeds in the Svalbard Global Seed Vault are dead.

Ten Million Years after People (02:00)

At the time of humans, San Francisco perched along the San Andreas Fault. The city is destined for oblivion. The surface of Earth is no place for the artifacts of human beings. Credits included.

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Bound and Buried: Life after People

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This program theorizes about what would happen if people disappeared from Earth and how that would affect beloved artifacts, including the Liberty Bell, the Mona Lisa, and the Golden Gate Bridge. Traveling around the world, we consider the Petronas Twin Towers in Kuala Lumpur. Finally, we examine the ultimate fate of Centralia, Pennsylvania, a town that was largely abandoned over 25 years ago because of an underground coal seam fire that continuously burns. Part of the series Life After People. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. (45 minutes)

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