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Film Introduction (01:07)


What might happen if every single human being disappeared from the planet? Predatory species, invasive plants, and mountainous dust storms would rule. Computer graphics provide a grim view what happens when traces of human beings disintegrate.

One Day after People (02:35)

Without human beings the immediate changes in nature would be "explosive." Invaders are on the move. Watch as a Burmese python invades territory previously ruled by alligators. The U.S. is home to over 4,000 invasive species.

One Week after People (02:03)

Rivers and lakes from Florida to Texas, choked by invasive weeds from South America. Over 400,000 species of bacteria and mold spores attack everything that was once alive. Animals that had been pets must now fend for themselves.

Ten Days after People (03:42)

Escaped greyhounds feed on rabbits and rats. Their race to survive will be short-lived. The Asian long-horned beetle spreads throughout New York; they will destroy over 2 million trees.

One Month after People (02:09)

Phoenix is invaded by a heat wave set in motion by people who paved the desert, raising the average temperature by 15 degrees. Heat speeds up the evaporation of the region's water. Vegetation dies.

Six Months after People (00:59)

All rivers and lakes near Phoenix are so dry that wind can pick up the sand and dust. Without water, all animal life dies. In other areas, cities are flooded and undermined. Buildings crumble. Alligators defend their watery habitats. Can they conquer the pythons?

One Year After People (02:28)

Alligators still rule the Everglades, but the invasion of pythons is heating up. Pythons are capable of devouring adult alligators. Invasive predators and extreme force transform cities. Invasion of water threatens high-rise buildings.

Five Years after People (02:30)

Miami is undermined by water. Birds take over apartment buildings; chimps follow the birds into the towers and eat their eggs. They leave one egg per nest to ensure future generations. Apes take their first steps toward animal husbandry.

Ten Years after People (03:57)

Phoenix is bone dry. The desert threatens the city. Dust and dirt storms reach 3,500 feet and can be 50 miles wide. Buildings are blown out by the storms, and dust invades. Monsoons come in summer and fill the broken buildings with mud.

Twenty Years after People (01:57)

Giant swathes of Miami are buried by invasive species of plants such as Brazilian pepper plants. Entire structures are covered by invasive vines and ferns.

Sixty-Five Years after People (06:24)

No one has lived in the town of Tyneham in southern England since 1943. Since then, the village has been invaded by the natural world. Buildings collapse from the undermining caused by badgers.

Seventy Years after People (01:09)

Shanghai's Oriental Pearl Tower collapses.

One Hundred Years after People (04:59)

Florida's Seven Mile Bridge begins to break up. Phoenix is a chaos of mud and debris, which ultimately brings the buildings down. The Florida Everglades are flooded. Miami Beach falls victim to eroding beaches; its buildings crash into the ocean.

One Hundred Fifty Years after People (00:35)

Burmese pythons rule the Everglades and the lower 40% of what used to be the United States.

Two Hundred Years after People (03:25)

Cities like Phoenix barely exist. Two hundred years of corrosion rotted away the steel supports of the Skywalk, and it breaks off. In Miami, the skyline is gone. Chimps populate Florida, and the possibility exists that they could evolve into a new kind of civilization.

One Thousand Years after People (01:03)

A giant earthquake liquefies the clay beneath the Taj Mahal. Within minutes, stone and marble collapse.

Two Thousand Years after People (03:03)

Two thousand years of rain and snow have recharged the water table in the desert that buried Phoenix. Wild animals now hunt as if people never existed. Humanity's introduction of exotic species forever changes the future. Credits included.

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The Invaders: Life after People

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This program theorizes about what would happen if people disappeared from Earth and what would then become of Miami, Phoenix, and Shanghai. We look at the Taj Mahal in India and the abandoned village of Tyneham, England. This program also explores the possibility of invasive plants and animals, such as Burmese pythons, spreading uncontrollably. Part of the series Life After People. Distributed by A&E Television Networks. (45 minutes)

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