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Ramadan: Introduction (01:17)


Islam is the second largest religion in the world; fasting is one of the Five Pillars of Islam. This episode explores aspects of the holy month and traditional foods.

Islamic Foundation (03:56)

Approximately 1.6 billion people observe the holy month of fasting. Experts discuss the introduction of Ramadan, teachings of Muhammad, and the Hijra.

Iftar Meal (05:23)

Muslim families, communities, and strangers around the world break their 18 hour fast; food consumption begins after the call to prayer. Dates are a Middle Eastern staple.

Duties of Faith (03:36)

The East London Mosque offers Iftar to the local community. Muslims believe they have a duty to serve the less fortunate. Practitioners in India, Turkey, and England discuss the meaning of Ramadan.

Iftar Dishes Around the World (07:01)

Learn about traditional communal Ramadan foods in India and Jordan. In London, Mehreen Baig learns how to make Harira.

Suhoor Dishes Around the World (08:41)

The Ramadan breakfast must be consumed before the break of dawn. Bobby Chin samples ful madames and Ian Wright samples leblebi. Baig and her family prepare aloo ki bhujia, a Pakistani omelet, and burratas.

Spiritual Self-Sacrifice (04:46)

The Islamic lunar calendar governs Ramadan. Experts reflect on the benefits and purpose of fasting. Prayer is one of the Five Pillars of Islam.

Third Pillar of Islam (04:32)

Charity is an important religious aspect and integral to Ramadan. Rasheed Ali trains for a 4,000-mile bike ride to Mecca; this year's cause is to raise money for orphaned Bangladeshi children.

Sweets for Eid (07:27)

Muslims celebrate the end of Ramadan with special treats. See examples of favorite sweets in the Middle East. Baig and Lina Saad prepare ma'amoul.

Eid al-Fitr (04:15)

Muslims celebrate the last night of Ramadan; Eid traditionally lasts three days. Baig attends the London Eid Festival and reflects on Ramadan lessons.

Credits: Ramadan (00:41)

Credits: Ramadan

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On the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar, devoted Muslims around the world purge themselves of their sins during a holy month of fasting. This is the period of Ramadan and it comprises of 29 to 30 days of daytime abstention from the daily nourishments and vicarious pleasures of life. It’s a huge self-sacrifice but in return, followers of the faith hope to become conscious of God and attain the spiritual values and attitudes that can be carried for the rest of the year.

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