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Art and War (02:45)


The Battle of Lepanto victory was celebrated across Christian Europe. Ottoman land campaigns pushed into Persia.

In the Harem (05:42)

In Istanbul, the arts flourished due to the sultans. Roxelana was one of the most powerful and influential women in the harem after Selim II ascended the throne. Eunuchs committed assassinations and served the courtesans; Sultan Mehmed III ordered his 19 of his younger brothers murdered the day he came to the throne.

Cretan War (04:40)

Ancient Greeks believed it was the birthplace of Zeus; Venetians felt it was strategically and commercially essential to their survival. The Ottoman Empire attacked; most of the island capitulated within two years. Conquering Heraklion took another 22 years.

Decline of the Ottoman Empire (04:13)

The focus of the trading shifted from the Silk Road to the Americas and India. New modern empires rose and created colonies. The Ottoman Empire shrunk to the size of modern-day Turkey by the beginning of the 20th Century; sultans turned to religious fundamentalism.

End of Ottoman Empire (06:52)

Mehmed VI was the last sultan and exiled to Malta. After aligning with Germany in World War I, Mustafa Kemal rose to power and introduced a number of reforms. Strategic thinking leaders used religion to further their own purposes.

Credits: End of Empire (00:38)

Credits: End of Empire

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End of Empire

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In the final part of Ottomans vs. Christians, presenter Julian Davison visits Istanbul to examine the artistic and cultural achievements of the Ottoman Empire at its peak and reveal the cracks in a system that would eventually lead to its demise.

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