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Battle for Famagusta (06:14)


The Ottomans captured most of Cyprus without a battle. The Ottoman's sent Marco Antonio Bragadin the severed head of Nicolas Dandolo, the commanding officer of Nicosia. The army breached the fortifications after almost a year of siege; architects built rounded citadels to ensure walls would not be destroyed.

Terms of Surrender (02:04)

Mustafa Pasha offered Bragadin and the Italians safe passage to Crete. Upon learning that 50 Muslim pilgrims had been massacred, Pasha ordered Bragadin flayed alive.

Strain Between Christians and Muslims (03:14)

After World War I, Cyprus was turned into a British colony. After being granted independence, the Turkish army invaded the north section; checkpoints erupted between the Turkish and Greek governed sections. In Venice, a memorial was erected to honor Bragadin in the Basilica di San Giovanni e Paolo.

Retaliation (03:55)

Ottomans raided Christian outposts throughout the Adriatic Sea. The Venetians constructed the galleass; its guns could fire 360 degrees. The Holy League was commanded by Don Juan de Austria.

The Battle of Lepanto (09:25)

The Ottoman fleet decided to winter in Naupactus. Don Juan de Austria and Ali Pasha, the leaders of the Holy League and Ottoman navy respectively, confronted each other directly. This naval battle provided a great victory for Christian Europe.

Credits: Cyprus & Lepanto (00:38)

Credits: Cyprus & Lepanto

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Part five begins in the legendary city of Famagusta on the island of Cyprus. Once the wealthiest city on Earth, Famagusta was the jewel in the Venetian crown when Ottoman Armies surrounded it in 1571.

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