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Christian Europe Victorious (03:03)


The Mediterranean Sea provided Venice wealth and power. Festa della Sensa united the city with the sea. Venetian merchants disguised the corpse of St. Mark, making it seem as if it were halal meat.

Worshiping Trade (05:13)

Rialto market was the hub of commercial life; spices, silks, and other exotic goods were carried by ship to be traded, connecting Europe with the Middle East. Venetians invented the concept of permanent ambassadors.

Prepared to Fight for Survival (05:25)

The arsenal was the largest shipbuilding facility in the world, finishing a galley every day. The war galley was designed for speed and maneuverability. Slaves who were rowers went insane due to sleep deprivation.

Cyprus: History (06:16)

Selim II was not concerned with wars or affairs of state because he was not expected to rule the Ottoman Empire. Cyrpus was Venice's furthest outpost and was believed to be the birthplace of Aphrodite. A Papal edict made Famagusta, a city constructed by the Lusignans, prosperous because Ottomans and Christians were not allowed to trade with each other.

Battle (03:56)

Ottomans landed and marched towards Nicosia. The commanding officer forbade his men from firing their muskets and cannons in order to save gunpowder; Kyrenia surrendered without resisting. The battle of Famagusta ignited a war between the Ottoman Empire and Europe.

Credits: Venice (00:39)

Credits: Venice

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In part four, Julian Davison travels to the commercial superpower of the 16th century, the resplendent kingdom on water, Venice. Here, Julian, participates in the time honored pageant, La Sensa, a symbolic marriage between Venice and the Sea before revealing how this tiny island Republic grew into one of the richest and most formidable sea powers in the world.

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