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Preparing to Attack (03:03)


Suleiman the Magnificent sent a fleet of warships from Gallipoli into the Aegean Sea to attack Rhodes. The Knights Hospitaller retreated to the island after the Crusaders were expelled from Jerusalem. The Order of St. John consisted of aristocratic children that would pillage Muslim boats for goods.

City of Rhodes (02:25)

The street of the Knight's in Old Town contained auberges for each country. The grand master was the leader of the Order of St. John. Anyone could be treated at the hospital provided they converted to Christianity, bathed regularly, and took Holy Communion.

The Battle (05:41)

The city of Rhodes was surrounded by two walls and five towers with projecting bastions; France and Castile guarded the harbor while the other language groups took a section of the inland wall. Suleiman the Magnificent personally attended the siege; the Ottomans brought miners from Balkan countries to dig tunnels and plant explosions.

Surrender at St. John's Gate (02:36)

The grand master and Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent exchanged gifts, kissed each other, and the knights left the island. Emperor Charles V felt the loss of Rhodes.

In Istanbul (03:08)

The Janissary soldiers felt that they were witnesses to watching their sultans and crowned princes conquer another city. In the 16th century, Sultans banned Boza because individuals laced it with opium.

Ottoman Navy (05:55)

Hayreddin Barbarossa was commander of the Ottoman navy. Barbary Corsairs plundered Italy and Spain for Suleiman the Magnificent. Oruc claimed to be the revenge of God and was killed by the Spanish.

Credits: Rhodes (00:39)

Credits: Rhodes

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In part two, Julian Davison departs the former capital of the Ottoman Empire, Istanbul, and following the path of Sultan Suleiman the Magnificent’s navy, sets sail for the Mediterranean Sea and the tiny island of Rhodes.

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