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Introduction: Constantinople (02:15)


The day the Ottoman empire invaded Vienna was similar to recent atrocities. In the 16th Century, the Mediterranean Sea was the commercial trading center of the world, bringing goods from Africa, the Middle East, and Europe. The Christian and Muslim devout clashed. (Credits)

Gateway Between East and West (03:12)

The present-day city of Istanbul was once known as Constantinople and was the capital of Byzantium. Emperor Constantine moved the capital because it linked roads from the Middle East to the west. Hagia Sophia was constructed in the sixth century by Emperor Justinian.

Rise of Islam (06:30)

Constantinople was under threat by the Ottoman Empire. The tribe believed conquering the capital of Byzantium would solidify their position in the Muslim world. Sultan Mehmed II brought Orban's Cannon to destroy the city walls.

Sacking the City (05:40)

Sultan Mehmed II decreed that Hagia Sophia be called "The Great Mosque," that Constantinople be renamed Istanbul, and that he be known as "Qayser-i Rum." Janissaries were elite paid infantry units; all second sons were inducted into the Turkish army; Christian children were brainwashed to feel Ottoman.

Creating an Imperial Capital (04:41)

Royal families lived for centuries at Topkapi Palace. Concubines lived at the palace trying to give the Sultan a son. In a harem, the mother of the current sultan reigned and approved of any girl he chose.

Epicenter of Empire (05:00)

The Ottoman Empire conquered Northern Algeria and Egypt. Suleiman the Magnificent restructured the tax and legal systems as well as encouraged the arts. A fleet of warships departed to conquer Rhodes.

Credits: Constantinople (00:38)

Credits: Constantinople

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In Episode One Julian visits Istanbul, the gateway between East and West and former epicenter of the Ottoman Empire where he explores the inner workings of the Ottoman system, the secrets of its invincible army and navy, and the intrigues and power games of the Sultan’s private world inside the imperial Topkopi Palace.

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