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We now live in a world where feedback from the user is considered essential information, but how often are we asking students for input about their own education? Based on the popular keynote speech by educator, author, and speaker Myron Dueck, this series is a fun, humorous, and fast paced exploration of how asking students for their input radically transforms both student learning — and the dynamic between teacher and student — in amazing ways. Dueck contends that it's essential to ask students about their opinions and experiences as they relate to learning. In each episode, he talks to people from all walks of life — education experts like John Hattie and Lorin Alexander, teachers, doctors, and scientists — to show how simply asking for input is making all the difference in their situations. Most importantly, he talks to real students who make the case that they have much to share concerning their own understanding.

Length: 115 minutes

Item#: BVL204284

Copyright date: ©2019

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