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Cornerstones of Engaged Schools (02:39)


Engagement leads to better attendance, deeper understanding, higher achievement, and more fun. Positive relationships; organization, rules, and procedures; a culture of thinking and learning; and enjoyment of love and learning are critical.

Positive Relationships (04:23)

Principal Bridgette Matson discusses the culture of engagement that resulted from changes to instructional practices. Principal Case Vier at Children's Aid College Prep Charter School explains the goal of providing a safe, supportive, and engaging learning community for students and their families.

Clear Organization, Rules, and Procedures (02:31)

Students need to know what is expected of them and what is required to be successful. At CACPCS this means creating a safe environment and learning as much as possible. Every educator and student knows the sign for active listening.

A Culture of Thinking and Learning (01:59)

Students should be challenged to think, engage, and work through uncertainties.

Enjoyment and Love of Learning (04:27)

Students who are inspired to do their best will engage. A third grade student with a behavior plan attends a Scholar Success Meeting at CACPCS. He knows he can trust the adults at school.

Building Relationships (02:09)

CACPCS Dean of Culture Michael Williams uses the four cornerstones of engaged schools to coach students in a discussion about lunch detention.

The 8 Cs of Engagement (07:33)

Silver describes motivators: challenge, competition, controversy, creativity, choice, cooperation, connecting.

Credits: Engagement Tools for Charged-Up Learning: Laying the Groundwork (00:22)

Credits: Engagement Tools for Charged-Up Learning: Laying the Groundwork

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Engagement Tools for Charged-Up Learning: Laying the Groundwork

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In this program, Harvey Silver presents his “Eight Cs of Engagement” — challenge, competition, controversy, curiosity, creativity, choice, cooperation, and connection – and offers a variety of inspiring classroom illustrations.

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