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Sacred Journey (03:04)


A monk will walk approximately 40,000 kilometers by the end of his 1,000 day journey. See footage of hospitals in Warsaw, Poland, Overijssel, Netherlands, St. Petersburg, Russia, (Credits)

Initiation (06:54)

A man sings the Muslim call to prayer to his newborn. A rabbi performs a bris. A priest baptizes a baby. The pope visits New York. A young girl learns to pray at a mosque. Boys are initiated as monks.

Initiation: Orphanage (05:20)

Boys pray five times a day and study the Qur'an. Hakim, a boy from the orphanage, reflects on bombings in Pakistan and a dream he had of god.

Initiation: Coming of Age (04:55)

Celebrations include a half sari ceremony in India, a bar mitzvah in Jerusalem, and a sunrise ceremony on the San Carlos Apache Reservation. In Seville, Marta participates in Easter Week celebrations; faith helps solve problems.

Initiation: Festivals and Ceremonies (06:55)

In India, Hindus celebrate Holi. Tanvi discusses being the first daughter, a boy in her building, and the Holika fire. See clips of wedding ceremonies in China, the Netherlands, Kenya, a Lebanon refugee camp, and the U.S.A.

Practice (04:11)

Elad discusses his pilgrimage to Uman, Ukraine to ask god for a wife and faith. On the eve of Rosh Hashanah, 40,000 Jews visit Rabbi Nachman's grave site; they dance in happiness.

Practice: Family (04:29)

At a fertility shrine in Yamaguchi, Japan, Yuki and Takuji pray to conceive a child. In Israel, Yael discusses starting a family and raising children.

Practice: Death (07:18)

In Sierra Leone, Mohammed removes those who died of Ebola from their homes and buries them in graves. Abigail gathers mangoes; she has no religion. Abu teaches Christianity and prays with believers.

Practice: Incarceration (08:10)

In Peru, people perform the dance of the Virgin Carmen. At Angola Prison in the U.S., inmates discuss fighting, prison, and god. Inmates who become ministers earn privileges; George leads a service.

Practice: Ascetic Practices (05:10)

The monk has walked for 700 days; he recites sutras and engages in self-reflection. In the Philippines, Ruben reenacts Jesus' final walk; he is nailed to the cross.

Passage (06:00)

In Nepal, Likhat reflects on the flow of time. In Canada, a group performs tai chi. In Pakistan, Bashira prepares for the Hajj. While on pilgrimage, she forgives the murderers of her husband and son.

Passage: Pilgrimage (04:34)

See clips of religious journeys in India, China, and Ethiopia. Kibret reflects on aging and visits the rock-hewn churches of Lalibela.

Passage: Remembrance (10:31)

In the U.S., Carolyn receives treatment and reflects on the maturity of prayer. Visitors leave candles at a cemetery on All Saint's Day in Poland. In Madagascar, the Malagasy honor their ancestors during Famadihana.

Passage: Beginning and End (04:55)

At a waterfall in Haiti, Nadia prays to the Vierge Miracle for a third child. The monk enters seclusion near the end of his 1,000 day journey and will chant for nine days without food, sleep, or water. Nurses measure a baby.

Credits: Sacred (02:38)

Credits: Sacred

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Sacred immerses the viewer in the daily use of faith and spiritual practice. At a time when religious hatreds dominate the world’s headlines, this film explores faith as primary human experience.

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