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War on Drugs (02:09)


In 2016, Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte beings a heavy campaign against drugs; thousands of drug suspects are killed. In 2017, police are accused of killing two unarmed teenagers, sparking protests; Duterte vows to scale back his campaign.

Police Discipline (06:17)

Jemar Modequillo becomes police chief of Caloocan in September 2017 and vows to reduce deaths in police operations. Axel Martinez describes Caloocan as a dark place and believes the police will never change; they want to kill residents. (Credits)

Drug Policing (08:35)

Special Operations Unit Team Leader Capt. Will Cabrales discusses Chief Modequillo's approach to the drug war. S.O.U. members discuss suspected dealer Jimmy Aussa and putting "an end to his wrongdoing"; they raid his home on January 19, 2018.

Caloocan District Jail (06:03)

Over 100,000 suspects have been arrested since 2016; Cabrales tries to get a drug user to confess. Jail Warden Sgt. Adolfo Agustin punishes detainees. Eusebio Funeral Services Manager Orly Fernandez discusses retrieving bodies.

Rising Drug Crime (03:25)

In early 2018, Duterte institutes a renewed crackdown. Modequillo maintains tight control and has earned the nickname Mananabas. Capt. Octavio Deimos says Modequillo has killed many resisting criminals.

Shooting Death (04:01)

The news reports the shooting of noodle vendor Jonathan Sevilla. Loremie Sevilla believes the police ordered his murder; Fernandez prepares the body.

Caloocan Shootings (06:52)

The body count rises throughout March 2018 and residents believe the police have secret death squads. Capt. Octavio Deimos says drug dealers and users are a national problem and the police only kill when criminals fight back. Off camera, he discusses police involvement.

Taxi Bike Shooting (04:47)

Caloocan police have 18,000 watch list surrenderees; Modequillo says they will only kill those who are stubborn. Martinez gets a tattoo and discusses the murder of his father.

Death Squads? (05:20)

Fernandez's business is booming. Martinez says his father stopped using drugs after Duterte became president, but was on the drug watch list; the killers may work with the police. Protestors take to the streets. Modequillo reflects on police involvement.

Unsolved Shootings (03:46)

The series of incidents results in Modequillo's dismissal; he believes it is unfair. The murder of Martinez's father remains unsolved; a local man is charged with the murder of Jonathan Sevilla. The International Criminal Court is investigating Duterte and the extrajudicial killings.

Credits: On the President’s Orders (01:01)

Credits: On the President’s Orders

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This is the story of President Duterte's campaign against drug dealers and addicts in the Philippines, told with unprecedented and intimate access to both sides of the bloody war--the Manila police and an ordinary family from the slums.

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