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Extreme Foraging (10:08)


The Canadian Artic landscape is frozen half of the year. An Inuit grandmother and female relatives gain access to under-ice caves and have 45 to harvest mussels; climate change threatens the centuries old tradition.

Extreme Animal Husbandry (10:23)

The Himalayan Mountains continue to grow. Mustang District herders spend the winters in the peaks with their yaks. During spring migration, they trek 27 miles downhill to greener pastures.

Brazilian Deforestation and Wildfires (09:21)

The Amazon rainforest covers a third of South America; large swaths are burning. The Mato Grosso region's fire brigade chief discusses increasing fire frequency, resulting from human activity and global warming. He teaches indigenous peoples to fight blazes.

Australian Heli Mustering (07:22)

The semi-arid Outback reaches high temperatures, growing sparse vegetation. Approximately 10,000,000 beef cattle must migrate long distances for grazing. Ranchers pilot helicopters close to the ground, driving herds to holding pens.

Climate Change Adapters (08:45)

The Siberian Tundra covers over a million square miles. Summer transforms the landscape; global warming melts permafrost, exposing mammoth tusks. Although residents can legally sell the tusks, they receive pressure cease practices to decrease black market ivory demands.

Film Crew: Surviving the Extreme (05:57)

The team describes challenges shooting mussel foragers in the Canadian Arctic. Transportation problems and unpredictable weather complicated their journey to ice caves; condensation and cramped conditions challenged them during filming.

Credits: Surviving the Extreme (00:30)

Credits: Surviving the Extreme

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Earth’s natural wonders are among the most extreme places to live on the planet. From soaring mountains to deep jungles, and frozen polar worlds, human beings need bravery and ingenuity to survive within them.

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