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Nutrition and Healthy Eating (05:11)


Nutritional eating varies slightly according to life cycle stages. Optimum nutrition is consuming the right amount of nutrients for the longest possible lifetime in good health.

Menu Planning for Toddlers (04:45)

As toddlers become more independent about food choices, parents must provide a variety of foods to maintain their interest. Toddlers need fresh ingredients and no junk food.

Menu Planning for Pregnancy (04:03)

Important nutrients during pregnancy include folate, iron, calcium, zinc, iodine, and plenty of water. This segment covers supplements, alcohol, and tainted food. A number of food selection options are provided.

Menu Planning for the Elderly (04:28)

Biological and environmental factors affect the elderly diet. Nutrient-dense meals are smaller and more frequent. Meals should be easy to chew, swallow, and digest. It is important to maintain fluid intake.

Credits: Menu Planning: Toddlers, Pregnancy, and the Elderly (00:41)

Credits: Menu Planning: Toddlers, Pregnancy, and the Elderly

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Menu Planning: Toddlers, Pregnancy, and the Elderly

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Whether the setting is a preschool, hospital, or retirement home, it’s vital for those who plan meals and menus to understand the dietary requirements of particular age groups. This program explains the nutrients our bodies require for optimum health and how those requirements change throughout our lives. Overviewing the stages of the human life cycle, the video highlights the basic nutritional needs in each phase and encourages thoughtful, detailed meal planning for toddlers, expectant mothers, and seniors. Real-life examples and practical tips from experts are provided throughout the film. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (19 minutes)

Length: 20 minutes

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