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Physiological Factors (04:06)


Physiological factors include the body's need for nutrition, a process monitored by the central nervous system. Taste affects preferences for certain foods.

What Our Mind Wants (04:29)

Attitudes towards food choices are passed on in families. They are also influenced by values and beliefs held by individuals. People continue to create positive and negative associations that shape eating behaviors.

Social Factors (04:28)

Social factors about food choices are influenced by culture, religion, lifestyle, peer values, advertising, and media. These effects can be both direct and indirect and can influence both consciously and unconsciously.

Economic Factors (03:50)

Economic factors shape food choices and consumption; income influences the range, quality, and quantity of foods available. Socioeconomic and geographical factors can affect food price and availability.

Credits: No Accounting for Taste: Why We Eat What We Eat (00:32)

Credits: No Accounting for Taste: Why We Eat What We Eat

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No Accounting for Taste: Why We Eat What We Eat

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With help from a professional nutritionist and the wide-ranging opinions of everyday consumers, this program investigates the factors that determine which foods we love—and which foods we just can’t stomach. Viewers learn about a variety of social, psychological, and biological influences. Specific topics include the concept of satiety—our bodies telling us whether we are hungry or full—as well as the impact of culture, religion, lifestyle, peer relationships, and the media. For aspiring culinary artists, restaurant managers, and institutional menu planners, this is a rewarding exploration of the positive and negative associations people develop with food over time. Viewable/printable educational resources are available online. (17 minutes)

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