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Mashed Media: Introduction (01:50)


The days of the daily newspaper are disappearing. Today, a steady cascade of mobile news alerts may represent the new news. Mass media in America is in the midst of transformation.

Transformation of News Reporting (01:33)

People from different walks of life share their opinions on the transformation of journalism.

Journalists: What Should They Do? (02:49)

Many Chicago journalists are fighting to keep their jobs. To help their colleagues, two columnists hold a musical fundraiser. Journalists are forced to reinvent their profession. Future of Journalism (01:57)

Adrian Holovaty is the creator of, a concept that many journalists think is the future of journalism. is a local news website that gathers news from a wide variety of sources.

Redefinition of Local News (02:38)

An innovative approach to journalism breaks down news to a micro level. The concept expands the definition of news. Website users receive local news sent directly to them.

Data Gathering: Is It Journalism? (04:35)

What motivates the EveryBlock team to meticulously gather and publish the information they get to 16 major cities? People want to know what happened. EveryBlock provides that information, but is it journalism?

Journalism and Data Gathering (01:20)

Is journalism only a means to an end? Many journalists chose their careers because they loved to write or take photographs. Now, these same journalists must learn to deal with data gathering.

Raw Data Release (01:23)

EveryBlock is not alone in releasing raw, unedited data as news. In 2010 WikiLeaks made lots of waves when it released 75,000 classified military reports. WikiLeaks and blogs challenge us to rethink our concept of the news and the practice of journalism.

Blogs as News Source (04:29)

Founder and editor of The Beachwood Reporter, Steve Rhodes runs a blog-based website. A dropout from mainstream media, he trusts that his own ideas are worthwhile. Rhodes talks about financing his news blog.

Website News: Is it Profitable? (02:53)

Andrew Huff of Gapers Block has a clearly defined business plan for his news site. His site targets a demographic that is highly attractive to local advertisers. Huff's overhead is about $100 per month.

Blogger News: Is It Credible? (02:31)

Gapers Block is fortunate to have professional reporters write for the website. There are many experts on single topics; they are excellent additions to onsite news sites. Their insights are as valuable as those of journalists.

The New Journalism (01:31)

In 2010 conservative blogger Andrew Breitbart made waves with a video of a government official making "racist" comments. FOX news edited the video for its purposes. The official was fired on the basis of half-truths.

Digital News Production (02:30)

Bill Adee, digital producer for the Chicago Tribune, understands the pivotal role of bloggers, even under the umbrella of the Tribune's website. Adee's blog network, Chicago Now, is about journalism and community.

Social Media (03:52)

Finding new ways of delivering news is what social media is all about. News is delivered to subscribers on a one-to-one basis through online networking sites. Content overload is a thing of the past.

Journalism's Evolution (02:32)

Two recent graduates of Medill School of Journalism shed light on how the practice of journalism is evolving. Social media literacy is an important skill set for journalism graduates.

Journalist: Expanded Interest Base (02:55)

To make herself more marketable to the journalism industry, a recent graduate expands her interest and job skills to develop a knowledge base that will be useful to potential employers.

Journalists as Programmers (02:39)

Medill School of Journalism offers students the opportunity to do more on the Internet than just deliver information. To do so, journalism students learn to be programmers.

Print vs. Digital News Delivery (04:16)

The Chicago Tribune hires a recent journalism graduate to design and integrate media graphics with media news delivery. The goal is to attract loyal print readers to digital print. Can the stories be as dynamic?

Journalism Beyond Writing (01:23)

By expanding her skills beyond writing, a journalism graduate finds a job as a media specialist with a Chicago firm. More traditional, job opportunities would have been news reporting for distant, small town newspapers.

MSNBC Acquisition of EveryBlock (01:43)

MSNBC purchased local news aggregator EveryBlock.

Journalism: Transformative Years (03:34)

The profession of journalism is clearly at a crossroad. Digital pioneers are reinventing the story of the troubled industry. Many experts believe these are the most exciting times for journalism.

Credits: Mashed Media: The Changing Face of Journalism (01:07)

Credits: Mashed Media: The Changing Face of Journalism

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Mashed Media: The Changing Face of Journalism

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From the offices of insolvent newspapers to the vibrant yet uncertain online publishing scene, journalists are struggling to reinvent a troubled industry. This program follows bloggers, hackers, independent publishers, and social media mavericks working in the trenches of Chicago, a hub of digital media innovation. Shot over a two-year period, the film focuses on events such as the bankruptcy of the Tribune Co. and the launch and sale of, while featuring interviews with a who’s who of 21st-century Chicago publishing—from the Tribune’s Bill Adee to EveryBlock’s Adrian Holovaty to Andrew Huff of Gapers Block. A provocative look at the future of news reporting—or what passes for it in today’s media environment. (56 minutes)

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