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Church of the Holy Sepulchre (03:39)


The restoration of Christ’s tomb allows a rare opportunity to look inside. Relics associated with the crucifixion of Jesus of Nazareth have long captured the Christian imagination.

Shroud of Turin (05:59)

A blaze threatened to destroy one of the most revered relics of Christianity on April 11, 1997. The shroud has long been the subject of controversy, with some believing it to be a forgery dating back to the Middle Ages.

Empirical Evidence (07:51)

Scientists are allowed to examine the Shroud of Turin on two occasions, resulting in theories for and against its authenticity. In 1988, carbon dating reveals the relic dates back to the Middle Ages.

House of Relics (05:37)

The Church of the Holy Sepulchre has been destroyed and rebuilt several times since it was first built in 335 CE. The holy site contains the Chapel of Calgary, Christ's Tomb, and the Stone of Anointing.

Christ's Authentic Resting Place? (03:07)

A restoration project allows historic access to Christ’s Tomb in October 2016; a team of archaeologists examine its contents. Archaeologist Jon Seligman discusses the Relic of the True Cross, which is said to contain wood from the cross of the crucifixion.

Helena and the First Relics (03:45)

Seligman enters the Chapel of the Invention of the Cross where Constantine's mother is said to have found the cross of crucifixion. She also retrieves four nails, starting a wave of relic worship that continues to this day.

Forgeries and Contact Relics (02:54)

The Vatican bans the sale of religious relics in the 13th century. More than 1,150 pieces of the cross and 30 holy nails are displayed across the West. Oxford researchers use carbon dating to determine one fragment is fake.

Relic at Notre Dame Cathedral (03:52)

The Church of the Flagellation commemorates the placing of a crown of thorns on Jesus' head. The Knights of Mount St. Sepulchre are charged with guarding one of Christianity's most revered relics.

Crown of Thorns (04:34)

The crown remains in Constantinople, in the possession of Byzantine Emperors, for six centuries. Saint Louis IX purchases the crown from Baldwin II in 1238. This crown, which has no thorns, is kept at Notre Dame.

Miracle or Pigment? (05:19)

Andria Cathedral houses what some believe is a thorn from the Holy Crown; it has been the pride of the city since 1308. Observers believe the relic started bleeding in 2005, but biochemist Zohar Kerem presents a different theory.

Blood of Christ (05:53)

The Count of Flanders returns from his Second Crusade with what he says are a few drops of Jesus' blood. The city of Bruges commemorates thevevent on Ascension Day. Garlaschelli uses chemistry to explain a related miracle.

Credits: The Holy Relics: The Quest (00:12)

Credits: The Holy Relics: The Quest

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For centuries, researchers, historians, and enthusiasts have been hunting relics—garments, wood, nails, even blood—as proof of the existence of Jesus Christ. This program combines archaeology, history, and mysticism to investigate the mysteries and controversies surrounding those relics. Tracing the paths of the most famous relics, the program questions the authenticity of these relics and what the ramifications of a positive or negative answer are.

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