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Santa Rosa de Tastil (05:16)


The village located on the Andean Plateau in Argentina has a population of 25; the only way to communicate with the outside world is by radio. A teacher explains aspects of village life.

Andean Plateau (04:23)

The area is one of the highest inhabited regions in the world, with a harsh climate and fluctuating temperatures. Incas and Diaguitas who once inhabited the area leave behind the suri dance and other traditions.

Agrarian Lifestyle (08:14)

School children ride donkeys. Locals work the land, trading surplus produce with neighbors. A farmer recalls returning to his roots after 24 years in Salta. Angel goes to town to sell cheese; shepherds tend their goats.

Sheep Sheering (08:31)

A village with a population of around 400 is famous for its wool. A resident discusses his family’s business. Christopher Mack explains what it means to be a gaucho.

Martín Miguel de Güemes (01:10)

Black and red ponchos symbolize the revolutionary hero in Salta province; he led farmers in a revolt against Spanish colonizers in the 19th century.

Folk Songs (08:03)

A woman in Cachi tells children stories and sings copleras. In Guachipas, locals celebrate the 100th anniversary of a church. Gauchos adorn their horses with leather butterfly wings.

Ranch Hands (10:24)

A gaucho and his neighbors lasso cattle. One of the men explains gaucho values and why he chose the lifestyle. The men need dogs and horses to drive a large herd towards a corral.

Gaucho Family (07:04)

A woman describes preparations for the rainy season. Villagers gather to watch gauchos try to tame bucking broncos.

Credits: Argentina: The Land of the Butterfly Horse (00:50)

Credits: Argentina: The Land of the Butterfly Horse

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Argentina: The Land of the Butterfly Horse

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In this program, we meet the gauchos, the nomadic and colorful horsemen and cowhands of the Argentine grasslands and Andes mountains. Historically, these men have been folk heroes similar to the American cowboy, and are an important part of Argentine cultural tradition. This program explores their traditions and heritage.

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