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Culture Shock (03:15)


Brian, 42, is released from prison after 24 years. He enjoys coffee and watching cars driving by. A man explains to him the concept of email and helps him create an account.

Continuum Meeting (02:57)

Brian attends a support group for parolees in South Los Angeles and tells his story of joining a gang as a teenager. He contacts his mother after many years.

Inglewood Juvenile Court (03:23)

A judge grants Juan, 18, parole; he plans to graduate high school. His girlfriend Maggie hopes he becomes a responsible father to their baby daughter. He shares his story of immigrating to the U.S. at 11 and joining a gang.

Disadvantaged Childhood (02:19)

Cezanne, 28, was imprisoned for drug trafficking. Now on parole, she wants to be a better mother to her three children. She shares her plans with therapist Richard Weintraub. Gianni, 7, recalls a drive-by shooting.

Parole Challenges (02:43)

Brian applies for work but cannot pass a criminal background check. He goes to therapy with Weintraub for the first time; they address issues of family relationships and intimacy.

Living in the Ghetto (03:44)

Cezanne never knew her father and Gianni does not remember his. Juan and Maggie hear gunshots outside their apartment as the news reports of murders in their neighborhood. Maggie is worried for Juan's safety from his fellow gang members.

Search for Life and Love (05:03)

Weintraub urges Juan to rediscover his dreams for America, rather than rejoining his gang. Brian performs a song he has written for his support group. He asks Carly, a fellow attendee, to have coffee; she agrees.

Stuck Inside (05:34)

Maggie and Juan dress up for Halloween but cannot go trick-or-treating due to Juan’s parole curfew. Fearing drive-by shootings, Cezanne keeps Gianni inside rather than letting him ride his bike. Maggie is upset with Juan for violating his curfew to buy cigarettes.

Reuniting with Family (06:19)

Brian washes dishes in twelve hour shifts to make ends meet. His mother only visited him three times in prison. She shares his childhood photographs and recalls her disbelief at his criminal activity. He shows her that he has changed.

Violating Parole (05:32)

Maggie finds drug paraphernalia and confronts Juan, who is tempted to return to gang life. Gianni tests boundaries with Cezanne and tells Weintraub that his mother does not love him. Weintraub advises Cezanne to ensure Gianni feels safe and secure.

Struggle to Remain Balanced (02:49)

Brian recognizes the importance of de-stressing. Three of four parolees become repeat offenders due to poverty and an inadequate recovery system. Brian is now in a relationship.

Repeat Offenses (02:42)

Juan has lapsed into drug use and gang activity. Maggie celebrates their daughter's first birthday and continues going to school. Juan is arrested and sent back to prison.

Moving Forward (03:29)

Brian discusses challenges in understanding women; he and his girlfriend rent an apartment together. Cezanne applies to culinary school and tells Gianni to work hard and study. Maggie reads Marilyn letters from Juan.

Education-Based Incarceration (02:10)

Juan has been released on parole after being attacked by gang members in prison. Former inmates share finding successful jobs on the outside. Juan hopes to get a high school diploma.

Healing Process (03:14)

Weintraub outlines the six stages of grief. Brian revisits the place where he murdered another young man over drugs. He expresses remorse and shame for taking a life.

Asking the Right Questions (02:17)

Cezanne is in culinary school; Gianni is happier and doing well academically. Juan hopes to find work and stay out of prison. Brian reflects on the process of learning to live again on the outside.

Credits: Land Of The Free (00:26)

Credits: Land Of The Free

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Brian is desperate to fit into society, but left to himself, he has to adapt to a world that looks very different from 24 years ago. He tries to tackle the internet, get a driver’s license and find his first love. Brian’s story is interwoven with Juan and Gianni’s. Juan is a teenager on parole, and we are placed inside his claustrophobic life, allowing us to understand his decision to abandon his baby girl for a gang lifestyle, and his eventual regret when he is incarcerated. 7-year-old Gianni lives in a crowded home, to which he is confined. He can’t play outside where the gangs are luring at the front door, hungry for new recruits.

Length: 59 minutes

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Copyright date: ©2017

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