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Eastern Correctional Facility (06:04)


Sebastian Yoon describes moments of freedom. Bard Prison Initiative students must complete a senior project. Giovannie Hernandez's project is about poetry and art; Elias Beltran's project is about post-colonial literature. Beltran reflects on incarceration. (Credits)

Genetics and Evolution Class (04:39)

Prof. Mike Tibbetts teaches BPI students in a similar manner to students on campus. Dyjuan Tatro discusses his paper on keratins and eukaryotic cells and the impact of education. His brother Karan compares his and Dyjuan's time in prison.

Debate Union (10:05)

BPI students prepare for a debate with Harvard on denying school admission to undocumented students. The teams debate at Eastern Correctional Facility and judges announce the winner; the BPI team reflects on their win.

Inmate Behaviors (05:25)

Yoon has been incarcerated for 15 years; he discusses his crime, suicide attempt, and graduation. Hernandez reflects on getting into a fight and losing his senior project notes; he cannot work on the project until after his release.

Prison Education (06:11)

BA students have two months to complete their senior projects and give individual research presentations; Rodney Spivey-Jones meets with his advisor. Spivey-Jones discusses his past, his crime, and rehabilitation.

Prison Release (04:07)

Hernandez gathers his belongings and reflects on making his life a testament. He marvels at outside changes and receives a warm welcome from family and friends.

Senior Project Presentation: Spivey-Jones (04:52)

Spivey-Jones' delivers his presentation on the "Messianic black body" to three professors. He reflects on the impact of the project and reads his afterword. Spivey-Jones receives an A.

Senior Project Presentation: Yoon (03:44)

Yoon delivers his presentation on the diasporic dispersion of imperial legacies to three professors and engages in discussion; he receives an A. Yoon reflects on transformation.

Taconic Correctional Facility Commencement (04:26)

Tamika Graham's mother surprises her by attending graduation. Tamara Barley reflects on furthering her education. Shawnta Montgomery returns to receive her diploma; she reflects on her education.

Eastern Correctional Facility Commencement (03:13)

BPI graduates receive their degrees. Yoon looks forward to taking care of his father. Spivey-Jones is considering law school; he reflects on parole.

Student Updates (01:36)

See updates on BPI students Hernandez, Montgomery, Tatro, Graham, Brian Gaertner, John Gonzalez, Barley, Beltran, Jule Hall, Yoon, and Spivey-Jones.

Credits: Part Four: Home Is A Work In Progress (00:60)

Credits: Part Four: Home Is A Work In Progress

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The debate team faces Harvard. Seniors complete their 100-paged thesis projects. Giovannie is sent to the Special Housing Unit (SHU) and might not finish his project. Students at Taconic and Eastern receive their degrees at graduation.

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