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Former Inmate (02:39)


Jule Hall recalls a homeless woman singing "A Change is Gonna Come" on the subway and thinking he had to get out of prison. (Credits)

Bard Prison Initiative vs. West Point (06:18)

At Eastern Correctional Facility, two teams compete in a debate about nationalizing the pharmaceutical industry. BPI students discuss the process; a West Point student reflects on his experience.

Family Relationships (04:13)

Dyjuan Tatro compares his education in prison to that of his brother Kanan's. He visits with family and discusses taking care of his mother; the brothers are competitive.

Bard College Expectations (07:02)

Every bachelor's student must do a senior project. Leon Botstein discusses a BPI student's project on German studies. BA students participate in Moderation and obtain research materials from the main Bard campus.

Life After Prison (03:38)

Hall lives with his aunt in Brooklyn, NY; he continues to practice German language skills. Jed Tucker helps BPI students with academic and job placement. Hall and Kanan reflect on being judged for their pasts.

Taconic Correctional Facility (03:53)

BPI students work toward an associate's degree. They discuss "the other" in the context of "Emma." Shawnta Montgomery discusses her family life and abusive boyfriend "B."

Prison Visitation (03:40)

Rodney Spivey-Jones visits with his sister who is often out of state. He reflects on her deployments to Afghanistan and the importance of conversations; he and his sister have a close relationship.

Poetry Slam (04:03)

AA students read their poetry. Tamara Barley discusses her grades and the death of her brother. Her mother Anita Barley discusses the impact of the prison education program.

Family Conflict (03:56)

Tamika Graham reflects on her relationship with her mother. Sonya Graham resents her daughter committing a crime and getting a free education; she refuses to attend her graduation.

Prison Reform (04:43)

Experts discuss public perceptions of prison and rehabilitation; a pilot program provides funding to 12,000 incarcerated students. BPI students discuss obtaining an education and returning to society.

Employment Success (02:43)

Hall obtains a job with a marketing company six months after his release. He discusses catching up on technology skills and enjoying life.

Domestic Violence (07:37)

Shawnta Montgomery and Tamika prepare a meal. Montgomery will be released in a month and she wants to support herself. She discusses her life with "B," her daughter's death, and giving her son up for adoption.

Credits: Part Three: Every Single Word Matters (01:01)

Credits: Part Three: Every Single Word Matters

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The debate team faces West Point. Seniors embark on their thesis projects. Rodney and Dyjuan’s families visit, while Tamara receives terrible news from home. Shawta reckons with her path to prison and Jule struggles to find work in NYC.

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