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Inmates and Students (05:05)


Bard Prison Initiative students Tamika Graham, Shawnta Montgomery, and Rodney Spivey-Jones discuss pictures they keep in their cells. Spivey-Jones reflects on losing members of his family. (Credits)

Eastern Correctional Facility (03:09)

Most prisoners in New York come from the worst neighborhoods of New York City. BPI students attend a new genetics class; education is worth the effort. Wesley Caines cites a dual education system in the U.S.

Prison Education (05:11)

After 21 years of incarceration, BA student Jule Hall prepares for parole. Students at Eastern Correctional Facility participate in the Debate Union; they prepare for a debate on NATO.

Student Inmates (06:59)

Inmates balance the roles of student and prisoner; they must study several disciplines in the liberal arts. Students discuss their childhoods and reflect on helping one another; BPI provides common ground.

BPI Commencement (04:27)

Students follow the same curriculum as conventional colleges. Every other year, graduates receive AA and BA degrees at Eastern Correctional Facility. Students reflect on returning to cells after graduation.

Incarceration: Tatro (02:13)

Tatro is serving a 14 year sentence for shooting two people in retaliation for being shot. He looks at pictures of a friend who was killed and a friend in prison, and discusses his mindset.

Incarceration: Giovannie Hernandez (05:33)

Students study "Moby Dick" in literature class. Hernandez looks through family photographs and reflects on his crime. His sister and grandmother discuss visiting him in jail and Hernandez getting an education.

Queensboro Correctional Facility (02:16)

Inmates often count the days of their incarceration. Hall has been incarcerated for 22 years; his perception of time is changing. Hall reflects on his upcoming release.

Taconic Correctional Facility (03:20)

AA student Tamara Barley is serving a 10-year sentence. She discusses her family life and coming out. Students discuss "The Brothers Karamazov" and reflect on First Year Seminar.

Critical Thinking and Maturity (04:56)

BPI classes encourage students to think more deeply about themselves and society. BA students reflect on "Othello." John Gonzalez visits with his children and reflects on his youth and crime; Gonzalez wants to be a good example.

Inmate Behaviors (06:51)

Students discuss Homer's "Iliad." Brian Gaertner is found guilty of violating a prison rule and is transferred to a prison that does not have BPI. Spivey-Jones is also charged with a violation but the charges are eventually dropped. Students reflect on their activities and impact.

Prison Release (03:40)

Hall receives his parole ID; he finds freedom hard to visualize. Hall visits the 9/11 Memorial and reflects on proving himself worthy of his freedom.

Credits: Part Two: I’m Trying To Get Home To My Family, Too (01:03)

Credits: Part Two: I’m Trying To Get Home To My Family, Too

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Students address the difficult circumstances of their past. The debate team prepares to face the University of Vermont. Some make strides academically, as others are sent to the Special Housing Unit, SHU, jeopardizing their education.

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