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Statue of Liberty (03:39)


Over 4 million people visit the monument annually. The construction of a new museum begins in October 2016; Diane Von Furstenberg leads the fundraising campaign. ELLIS Prep Academy helps immigrants obtain an education; 75% of New York City's population is first or second generation immigrants.

Liberty Enlightening the World (04:57)

Park Ranger Reneel Langdon discusses the history of the Statue of Liberty and its design. Édouard de Laboulaye's descendants and Robert Belot discuss de Laboulaye's plan and Frédéric Auguste Bartholdi; reproductions of the statue are located throughout the world.

Liberty Island (06:51)

Von Furstenberg visits the museum construction site and reflects on arriving in America; the museum will house the Statue of Liberty's original torch. Brad Hill runs the monument’s family-owned gift shop. Colbar Art produces authorized Statue of Liberty replicas for the shop; many workers are immigrants.

Art and Lady Liberty (07:41)

Von Furstenberg purchases artwork from street artist Denis Ouch; he reflects on freedom. Von Furstenberg discusses her connection to the Statue of Liberty and examines Bartholdi's diary. See Bartholdi's watercolor paintings.

Colmar, France (06:53)

Von Furstenberg visits the Bartholdi museum in the artist's home town and attends a mayoral reception; see some of his photographs. Experts discuss Bartholdi's fascination with antiquity and desire to build a colossal statue for the Suez Canal.

Funding and Engineering (06:28)

The Statue of Liberty has a history with fundraising. Experts discuss Bartholdi's marketing campaign and collaboration with Gustave Eiffel. Von Furstenberg visits the Musee des Artes et Metiers, meets Eiffel's descendants, and examines Lady Liberty's armature.

Construction and Shipment (03:36)

Workers build the Statue of Liberty in Paris in 1884; many people visit the workshop. Cartoonist Jul writes the story of the statue. Experts discuss the face of Lady Liberty and the statue's shipment to America.

Lady Liberty in Art (03:53)

In 2011, Danh Vo creates a full-size replica of the Statue of Liberty in 267 pieces; the pieces are on exhibit around the world. He discusses his family's immigration to Denmark. During a prime time broadcast, magician David Copperfield makes the statue disappear.

Museum Construction (05:20)

Workers discuss building logistics and immigration stories. In 1885, the Statue of Liberty arrives in America in 214 crates; Joseph Pulitzer campaigns to raise funding for the pedestal. Indiegogo is the first crowd funding company.

Statue of Liberty Inauguration and Restoration (06:25)

In 1886, Bartholdi realizes his life's work; see images of the statue throughout history. By the late 1990s, the statue shows signs of deterioration. American and French metal experts recall working on the restoration project.

Liberty Collectors (02:33)

In 2017, Statue of Liberty Collectors Club members celebrate the statue's birthday and share collector items. Robert Davidson discusses the statue he built for the New York, New York Hotel.

Statue Visitors and Terrorism (04:56)

About 4.5 million people world visit the Statue of Liberty every year; a small fleet of ferries takes visitors to see the statue. Former Liberty Island residents recall living on the island and the events of 9/11.

Statue Strength (03:41)

Former Superintendent David Luchsinger visits the museum construction site. He recalls living on Liberty Island post 9/11 and the impact of Hurricane Sandy. The new museum is on the site where houses once stood.

Social Consciousness (09:06)

Nearly all Statue of Liberty souvenirs are made in China; workers reflect on the statue’s symbolism. Refugees become a major focus in the U.S.; protestors hang a banner on the Statue of Liberty. In 2018, Patricia Okoumou climbs the statue in protest of immigration policies.

Iconic Symbolism (02:40)

In November 2018, the Statue of Liberty's original torch moves to the new museum. Von Furstenberg reflects on the meaning of the statue.

Credits: Liberty: Mother of Exiles (01:04)

Credits: Liberty: Mother of Exiles

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Over 4 million people visit the Statue of Liberty annually. The most photographed statue in the world, its meaning is universal and represents freedom, hope and protest to generations of people throughout the world. Liberty: Mother of Exiles casts a new light on one of America’s most familiar symbols, revealing its little-known history and surprising challenges, and celebrating it as an enduring beacon of hope for generations of immigrants. Produced and directed by Fenton Bailey and Randy Barbato, the documentary begins with the groundbreaking ceremony for a new state-of-the-art facility at the base of the Statue of Liberty, and goes on to reveal the statue’s unexpected history – a story filled with many false starts as well as significant financial and technical challenges that were ultimately solved in innovative ways. The film also follows legendary designer and “godmother” to the statue, Diane von Furstenberg, in her quest to discover how sculptor Auguste Bartholdi’s dream became a reality and what the statue has meant to generations of people from around the world.

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