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PCB Overview (02:50)


The average home is equipped with over 60 PCBs. Manufacturing PCBs is a multi-billion dollar industry. PCBs are an integral part of almost every electronic device.

Board Design (03:14)

All PCBs start life as a design brief. Using a CAD package, the designer lays out all the components specified in the brief. Viewers watch the process of completing a PCB design. The next step is the manufacturing process.

Board Manufacture (08:10)

The type of board is selected and cut to size. A computer-controlled drilling machine punches out the holes specified in the design. Boards undergo a series of intricate processes.

Componentry (03:25)

Components are usually the most expensive part of the PCB. Quality control checks are an essential part of any design-to-manufacture process. Solder is screen printed on the boards, and then a machine places hundreds of components per minute on the board.

Credits: Printed Circuit Boards: Uses, Design, and Manufacture (00:33)

Credits: Printed Circuit Boards: Uses, Design, and Manufacture

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Printed Circuit Boards: Uses, Design, and Manufacture

Part of the Series : Understanding Electronics
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As technology progresses, printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are becoming ever more central to daily life. As such, an understanding of basic circuitry and how to apply it to PCB assembly is vital to almost any engineer or technical designer. This program highlights the importance of PCBs and follows their industrial manufacture from design brief to completion. It illustrates the benefits of new technologies such as prism component placing machines, minute quality control cameras, automated connection checkers, and CAD/CAM packages. The video will aid in developing a working knowledge of basic IT packages and an awareness of more complex ones. It will also help students consider chemistry issues which play an important part in the board manufacture process. Part of the series Understanding Electronics. (20 minutes)

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